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Late last night and early this morning a further two oiled birds have been found oiled on our coastline.

Just before 10pm last night an oiled guillemot was rescued in the Grand Rocque area and was accepted by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who administered first aid and placed the bird in one of the Intensive Care Units. The lucky bird has been nicknamed ‘Ger’ and the team are doing all they can help this extremely poorly oiled bird.

Sadly ‘George’ the oiled guillemot rescued on Vazon this morning wasn’t so lucky as this extremely sick bird was not only covered in oil but had suffered a prolapse and sadly after been rushed to the vets was unable to be saved.

Adding to the guillemot earlier on the weekend takes the total to 3 oiled birds in as many days and the GSPCA are appealing to the public to keep a close eye when on the coast as it is very likely there are others suffering the same fate.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are doing all we can for ‘Ger’ the oiled guillemot that was rescued last night.”

“Sadly the oiled guillemot rescued this morning had multiple health problems including a prolapse and the vets couldn’t help ‘George’ as we called him.”

“This means we have had 3 oiled birds in three days, two from the west coast and one from the south and we would ask all islanders to please watch for others along our coast.”

“If you see an oiled bird please call us immediately as if you try to chase and catch it they will often try and make it back out to sea.”

“We have our GSPCA emergency helpline via 01481 257261 which is answered 24/7 and also helpful advice online for anyone that finds an oiled bird.”

“We are currently appealing to raise funds for our new Wildlife Hospital which you can do so via and to help us buy a new intensive care unit please visit .”

“You can also Buy a Brick in the new build and to sign up and get involved please visit or to make a donation to help Ger you can visit .”

Here is some simple advice on what to do if you find sea life affected by any oiled substance -

  • Do not risk your safety by looking for or picking up birds from dangerous locations. Be aware of the tides and weather conditions.
  • If you do find an oiled bird and it is safe to pick it up, ensure that you are wearing gloves because the oil could be hazardous to your health. The birds may also try to peck you, so keep them away from your face.
  • Collected birds should be placed on their own in cardboard boxes with newspaper or a towel. DO NOT use hay or straw. The boxes should have ventilation holes.
  • Call the GSPCA 24 hour help line on 01481 257261 or take the bird directly to the Animal Shelter in St Andrews
  • Please do not attempt to wash or feed the bird yourself - leave that to the Shelter staff and volunteers who have the correct training and facilities.

The GSPCA receives dozens of birds every year due to a variety of oiled substances but this simple advice can help save those birds in need.

We are fund raising to replace our old wildlife facilities and here are some of the ways you can help -

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