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From all of the dragons, doves, animals and team at the GSPCA a Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus and Happy St Davids Day.

On the 1st March St Davids Day is celebrated who is the patron Saint of Wales where the Dragon is on their national flag and the dove is his emblem.

The GSPCA currently has a number of Dragons in need of loving new homes.

Three of the Dragons are Newt, Mr Thatch and Nigel who are looking for homes (Mr Thatch pictured with Welsh cakes).

In 2017 Guernsey saw its first ever prosecution of cruelty to a Bearded Dragon called 'Nellie' who is now well and lives at the GSPCA.

She was so thin and weak it was a surprise that she lived after her ordeal.

Sadly many exotic pets die in the first year they are owned and the GSPCA only rehome reptiles to experienced and knowledgeable owners that have the correct home for the species.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus and Happy St Davids Day from all of us at the GSPCA."

"St David is the Patron Saint of Wales  and with Wales being famous for its Dragon on its flag we wanted to promote our Bearded Dragons at the GSPCA in need of homes."

“We have many lizards and Bearded Dragons in need of homes including Mr Thatch who has had his picture with some Welsh Cakes which I got for the team to enjoy today.”

"Exotic pets often suffer due to the wrong environment or feeding and we have already seen that this year.

"In 2017 Guernsey we saw the first animal welfare prosecution due to neglect of Nellie a Bearded Dragon."

"We have to take great care where our reptiles are rehomed but anyone interested in adopting one please do pop into the GSPCA or give us a call on 257261." 

“We have lots of other animals in need of homes and if you can’t adopt one then sponsoring a pen is a great way to support those in our care.”

Saint David (500 – c. 589) was a Welsh bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids) during the 6th century and he was later regarded as a saint. He is the patron saint of Wales. David was a native of Wales, and a relatively large amount of information is known about his life. His best-known miracle is said to have taken place when he was preaching in the middle of a large crowd at the Synod of Brefi. The village of Llanddewi Brefi stands on the spot where the ground on which he stood is reputed to have risen up to form a small hill. A white dove, which became his emblem, was seen settling on his shoulder.

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