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During mid March the GSPCA were called out to rescue a very cheeky cormorant.

Flybe as the bird was named was found in Church Square unable to fly, very thin and trying to enter buildings and shops.

He was brought to the GSPCA where we fed him up and after over a week of care we got him to a lovely release spot near the Bathing Pools.

Flybe wasn’t convinced he was ready for the wild and shortly after being released he made his way back to land and continued to pester people.

We have tried releasing Flybe a total of 11 times and each time a occasion was carefully selected to ensure it was quiet and he would have all that he needs.

These included the Bathing Pools and Fermain Bay, but each time he was released in Town he would make his way inland and tried to enter places like Specsavers and Sports Direct.

We decided to try the other side of Guernsey and shortly after his release he walked into L’Eree Hotel and on one occasion entered a house through a cat flap.

We then thought we’d try more of a remote location on the Humps near Herm. Six days later he was found trying to get into the Cock’n’Bull.

At this point it was decided to give him a much longer period of rehabilitation, which he spent on the large pond at the GSPCA. Last week it was decided to go for a location as remote as we could find for his release, so he was transported to Alderney where they had just the spot.

Thanks to Alderney Welfare Trust Flybe was released on Burhou last Thursday which they kindly filmed for us and hasn't yet been spotted near any towns or buildings so we all have our fingers crossed he has found some friends in his new home.

Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “In all my years at the GSPCA we have never had a bird quite like Flybe.”

“When he was found he was very thin and couldn’t fly very well.”

“Every time he was released he was found getting into mischief such as trying to get into Specsavers or L’Eree Hotel.”

“We even tried releasing him all the way on the Humps and six days later he tried popping into the Cock’n’Bull.”

“Thankfully after months of care we decided that the best release spot would be where there should be plenty of friends for him and Alderney Wildlife Trust kindly offered to help and it was fantastic to see him being released of Burhou thanks to the video they filmed.”

"We just hope that where he is now he will be happy and he doesn't return to us for a 12th time."

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager “Despite all the social distancing rules Flybe the cormorant really didn’t want to pay any attention to them as he has tried enter, shops, pubs, hotels and even a cat flap in our attempts in getting him back to the wild and his stubborn efforts of not wanting to go.”

“A huge thanks must go to Alderney Wildlife Trust for their help last week in releasing this very naughty bird and we are hoping that now that he is amongst many of his own species he will think more like a cormorant and less like he wants to be human.”

“It is incredibly busy here at the GSPCA at present especially with wildlife and raising the funds to care for them all is especially difficult with our shops closed, very little boarding and no events and we are appealing for support.”

“With huge challenges on our resources and a drop in income from boarding and donations we continue to ask you to help us help animals in Guernsey with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal by donating online via - , by post or by phone 01481 257261.”

“If you donate a minimum donation of £5 during June you will be put into a draw for a Sterling Silver “Gerry” Giraffe charm and chain kindly donated by Becky Rowe.”

“We thank everyone for their support and understanding during these difficult days but to help show your support to the GSPCA not only can you donate you can also #PetorateToCelebrate .”

“Petorate to Celebrate is a fun way for everyone to show their support to animal charities across the British Isles and Ireland and with this idea born in Guernsey we would love to see everyone get involved.”

“To find out more on #PetorateToCelebrate please visit .”

"All our fingers and toes are crossed that Flybe will now live happily ever after back in the wild."

If you find sick or injured wildlife please call us 24/7 on 01481 257261 or check out this link for more details

To visit the Alderney Wildlife Trust facebook page please go to -

In line with States of Guernsey advice please DO NOT visit the GSPCA if you are over 65, have an underlying health condition or have any symptoms of Coronavirus and only visit us if your visit is essential but before doing so please call us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] before your trip to the GSPCA to see if we can help without you coming to the Shelter. For the latest information and advice please visit

With huge challenges on our resources and a drop in income from boarding and donations please help us help animals in Guernsey with our #GSPCACoronavirusCrisisAppeal by donating online via -

RELEASE VT - Flybe really didn’t like socially distancing but after months at the GSPCA is released thanks to Alderney...

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