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Last night the GSPCA had a packed room for our 136th AGM in our 150th year.

John Knight GSPCA President opened the evening with saying "Good evening and thank you for joining us this evening. I would like to remind everyone right at the beginning that this is a very important year for us."

"It is our 150th  anniversary, and also that after difficult years with Covid, this is the first year that most of us have been able to feel that we have put it behind us."

“At 150 years we are perhaps older and wiser, but we are no slower.”

“As we come out from the restrictions of the Covid Pandemic we have been even busier than normal in almost all sectors. A higher occupancy of the kennels and cattery, and a greater number of wildlife cases.”

“Fortunately, the number of welfare/cruelty cases have not significantly increased and remain around our normal level.”

John then continued with saying the following as his report ‘This year our plans for the desperately needed Wildlife Unit have been accepted and are moving ahead, with luck the tender documents will be ready to be published in the last quarter of this year. I should perhaps remind everyone that we admit some 2,500-3,000 wildlife cases per year with great success in returning them to the wild. This incudes some 700 hedgehogs (a species in difficulty in the UK), and we have rehabilitated and released 29 seals in the past 10 years alone. We still have 3 in which should be released shortly and I would like to thank Geoff George in particular for his dedicated work on these. Indeed, the effort of all our wildlife staff has been magnificent, and it has been exceptionally busy over the past few months with the breading season in full swing. They have over the past year had some interesting and difficult species to deal with including ‘Pedro’ the puffin, a long-eared owl chick and an Alpine swift. The care and expertise of the whole team is well recognized with animals sent to us from across the Channel Islands. Our work in this area was recently recognised as we were named as runners-up in the highly respected Conservation Awards sponsored by the Insurance Corporation.

In addition to the Wildlife Unit we have almost completed the work on our new Small Animal Unit for domestic and other pets. We have also submitted plans for a NEW Kennel Block for rehoming dogs and canine welfare cases, as well as a New Ferret Unit.

Of course, we are not just about wildlife. We would not be the GSPCA without all our sections and interests. More and more people are using our Kennels and cattery which as I have already mentioned have been busier than ever again thanks to the care and attention of our teams in those areas. Again, their work recognised in the Customer Service Awards sponsored by Cherry Godfrey. The GSPCA was not only named as the winner of the Charity sector, but also as the overall winner of these prestigious Awards.

During the year we have started a Veterinary Nurse Training Centre at the GSPCA in conjunction with the College of Animal Welfare in the UK and the three island veterinary practices. This is a first for the Channel Islands. It uses this training room and brings in a fee, but perhaps most importantly this collaboration makes it very much easier for people in the Channel Islands to get a formal further qualification in veterinary nursing. Starting in the next semester we will also be taking on students from Jersey. I am also pleased to see that our ongoing collaboration with the States of Guernsey on the “Work to Benefit” scheme continues to thrive under Tim’s Leadership.

Our collaboration with others continues with the remarkable “Sea Front Sundays”, we have now had 11 of them, and this year with The Autism Society and the “Puffin Parade”. A very successful fundraiser bringing in much positive comment. The 60 giant puffins will be auctioned in September.

At the end of this year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the GSPCA the Post Office is issuing a special series of stamps.

We have been so busy that we have now had to advertise for a third supervisor and for a Deputy Manager for the GSPCA. I would like to thank our many volunteers many of whom fulfil vital functions. In particular, Louise Gambrell our Committee Treasurer ably supported by Colin Longlois and Libby. This is the first time for many years that we have been totally up to date with our accounts, and for that I am truly grateful. It has taken a lot of work. I also thank

Karen Lane who has come on board to head up our education section and take tours around the Shelter.

To our Police Dog handlers who have given extra training to our teams on handling difficult dogs, and

 Michele Champion for her work in our Charity shop in Mill Street. It brings in much needed funds and I urge people to visit it.

I also thank our Committee and those who have served before, without who’s support and guidance we would not be where we are today. Adele, Tom, Steve, Karen, Thank You.

There are so many people I should thank. But perhaps most importantly of all is Steve, our Manager. He has worked tirelessly for the GSPCA for the past 12 years. A large part of why we have got to where we are is because of his expertise, boundless energy and enthusiasm.

I repeat it is our 150th anniversary, and what a year to celebrate. Our forbearers managed to keep the GSPCA operating and relevant through thick and thin, including during the World Wars. We have been relatively lucky, but in spite of difficult years with the Covid Pandemic we have managed to do the same. We should be proud of what we have achieved. This is the first year that most of us have been able to feel that we have put Covid behind us, and hopefully that is the case, but we cannot rest on our laurels. We always have to stay vigilant, relevant and prepared.

I hope the GSPCA will be ready and able to serve the Bailiwick for the next 150 years.’

As John gave such a comprehensive report the GSPCA Managers Report was slightly shorter with Steve Byrne saying “John has mentioned a huge amount of our successes, challenges, plans and thanks.”

“We have waved off some amazing team members and welcomed new fabulous team members, but I want to make a special mention Daivid Dunkerley an incredible volunteer who passed away at the age of 89 recently and would like us all to take time to reflect on all those that have gone before us.”

“150 years ago on the 10th February 1873 the Dean of Guernsey and a few friends first met to discuss the challenges with animal welfare with all the issues of the poor cart animals worked from 4am to sometimes gone 11pm at night and although the challenges are very different today I am sure those that set us on the journey of where we are today would be amazed on how we have grown and all we achieve.”

“As John mentioned we are excited to unveil the plans for the new Proposed Buildings which are on display for the kennels and ferret build and now the hard work starts to raise the funds needed and we are hoping to go to tender for these and the Wildlife Hospital in September.”

“A huge thank you to all in this room and to all that help ensure we do so much 24/7 for the animals and the community here in Guernsey.”

This was then followed with Louise Gambrell GSPCA Treasurer presenting the 2022 and 2021 accounts which can be seen on our GSPCA Membership page ( ) and highlighted the running costs of the GSPCA and explained some of the key items. Louise explained legacy income, commercial income, grants, donations and other income generation. Louise finished with thanks to anyone that has supported us.

The accounts for 2022 and 2021 were adopted and Moore Stephens were elected as our auditors.

The GSPCA were please to announce that the Membership Rates remain at £10 or you are able to join through the various giving schemes such as the Angel Pen Pal scheme

There was one Committee Member for election. Charisma Lyall was recently co-opted onto the committee and she was proposed by John Knight and seconded by Adele Malpas. Charisma comes with superb legal knowledge and experience and the GSPCA are delighted to welcome here onto the Board and has already been helping with ensuring our new rules which were adopted inline with the new Guernsey Charity Law that has come into effect this year.

John continued “This evening we have been joined by Charisma Lyall. Charisma joins us with considerable experience in Law and administrative law.”

“She has lived in Guernsey for more than 10 years and is here with her family: they all share a love of animals. Charisma has offered to serve on our Committee, and I believe that her considerable knowledge and experience will be most helpful to us going forward.”

“As Charisma joins the Committee we must give thanks to Alex Wickens who stood down earlier this year for his time on the committee and legal advice he provided.”

Steve Byrne then stood to say a few words of each person, group or business who were present Certificates of Appreciation from Vice President Tom Le Pelley

Long service – Yvonne Chauvel

Steve said “Yvonne is an incredible member of the team with over 25 years service to the SPCA and I don’t know how I or we could have done so much over the years. Yvonne is often the first in and last to go home and we are hugely grateful to all she does”

Incredible Coverage of our 150th – BBC Guernsey

Steve said “We have to say a huge thanks to all the media, but this year we wanted to give a special mention to BBC Guernsey who gave amazing coverage on our 150th year celebrations and all they do to spread the word of our work, stories, events, educational messages and so much more.”

Outstanding IT Support – Matt Hale from Clarity

Steve said “Matt and Clarity are an incredible support to the GSPCA and we wouldn’t have the IT equipment or support without them. Matt has spent hundreds of hours in the evenings helping me around site ensure our systems and equipment is all what we need to run smoothly at the GSPCA.”

Up and Coming Animal Welfare Investigator – Sarah Langlois

Steve said “Lorna heads up the Welfare department and she couldn’t do it so well without the support of other members of the team. Sarah Langlois is a fantastic team member at the GSPCA and has helped with many cruelty cases and has been doing a lot of training with Lorna recently and we wanted to recognise all she does in this area.”

Outstanding Sponsorship and Support – BNP Paribas

Steve said “The team at BNP Paribas have chosen to support the GSPCA in many ways this year. From the GSPCA display in their reception to becoming a Build Partner for the Wildlife Hospital, an Angel Pen Pal Corporate Sponsor to volunteering at the GSPCA, there are many amazing businesses that support us and we wanted to highlight one that really stood out to us in our 150th and thank them for all they do.”

Fantastic Ladies Lunch Event - Wendy Woodcock and Elaine Lockett

Steve said “There are a number of team members in this room that have attended some of the incredible Ladies Lunches that Wendy and Elaine have run in aid of the GSPCA and we wanted to say a special thank you to them for all of their support as we are so grateful to so many for all of their support.”

Outstanding Service through Customer Service – Terry Buckley

Steve said “We have been humbled this year in winning the overall Customer Service Awards this year and this wouldn’t be possible without a fantastic team and in particular Terry Buckley who goes over and above and leads the team with caring and compassion and we are hugely grateful for her amazing customer service and all she does.”

Outstanding Commitment to Dog Training – GSPCA Dog Training Team

Steve said “Lorna as well as all the welfare work heads up the dog training team which takes place multiple times each week helping hundreds of owners and dogs ever year which is all part of our educational work and promoting responsible pet ownership and we are hugely grateful to her and Tilly and Helen who are present tonight as well as Anna who can’t join us for their amazing work and all they do for dog training to the Association of Pet Dog Training standards.”

Outstanding Support to Animal Rescue – Fire Service, Cliff Rescue and Inshore Rescue

Steve said “We help rescue 1000’s of animals every year, but there are some we aren’t able to do ourselves like Albie the dog recently rescued on the cliffs. In these circumstances we rely on the help from our emergency services and tonight we wanted to highlight the amazing support from Guernsey Fire Service, Cliff Rescue and RLNI Inshore Rescue.”

“The evening ended with a buzz of chatting about all that been achieved and from all at the GSPCA thank you to all that attended, supported and everyone that has done anything to ensure we carry out our 24/7 work over the last 150 years.”

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“To make a donation you can go to .”  

“We couldn’t do so much without your support.”

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April - August 2023 Autism Guernsey and GSPCA Puffin Parade

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Thursday 20th July 2023 -GSPCA AGM

Guided Tour - Monday, July 24, 2023 2:00PM

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July 2023 – Torteval Scarecrow Festival

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16th and 17th August 2023 – West Show -

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September 2023 - World Animal Remembrance Month

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Wednesday 13th September 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

24th September 2023 St Johns Ambulance Seafront Sunday

GSPCA 150th Year Ball – Saturday 30thj September 2023

October 2023 - World Animal Month

Wednesday 4th October 2023 - World Animal Day

Wednesday 25th October 2023 - Volunteer Induction Evening

Wednesday 8th November 2023 – GSPCA Dog First aid Course

Wednesday 15th November 2023 – GSPCA Cat First aid Course

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 – Volunteer Induction Evening

Monday 4th December 2023 – World Wildlife Conservation Day

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