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We have been blessed with incredible weather during April and with the Coronavirus social distancing restrictions and many off work, Guernsey beaches have never seen so many dogs on them each day.

We have been in touch with the States of Guernsey and confirm that the ban comes into force as usual from the 1st May until the 30th September. The restrictions mean that dogs are not allowed on the following beaches between these dates –

  • Fermain
  • Petit Bot
  • L'Erée
  • Vazon (Northern end)
  • Cobo
  • Port Soif
  • L'Ancresse
  • Pembroke

Dogs are not permitted on Lihou Island and Lihou causeway all year round.

The GSPCA would like to highlight the extremely important message of social distancing due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

We have had reports of concerned public on beaches of dogs and the many people coming into close contact with one another. With fewer beaches to chose from the GSPCA urge all dog walkers to kindly take care when out and ensure your dog is under control and you are respectful of the 2 metre social distance advice.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “The GSPCA have been really impressed with the number of people out exercising their dogs during the lock down.”

“Beaches especially have been alive with many dog walkers and their four legged friends and we hope everyone enjoys the last week before the ban comes into place for the 8 beaches Fermain, Petit Bot, L'Erée, north end of Vazon, Cobo, Port Soif, L'Ancresse and Pembroke.”

“We have been in touch with the States of Guernsey with regards the beach restrictions and can confirm that they will take place as usual."

“With less beaches open we would like to promote the 2m social distance and responsible pet ownership message.”

“All dog walkers need to ensure they keep their dog under control at all times when out and about and the 2 metre minimum distance between those that are not from your household.”

“You should also avoid your dogs socialising with other dogs and not be stroking other peoples pets as although there is no evidence that pets can spread coronavirus themselves if someone has sneezed on their pet or the animals coat has come into contact from a contaminated hand then this could pose a health risk.”

“We do have strays being caught and found and we have had 9 physically into the Shelter this month and helped more than double that without them having to come in and we recommend washing or sanitising hands to anyone that has come in contact with any animal.”

"If you find a stray animal please do call us immediately on 01481 257261 and chose the emergency 24/7 option."

“Many wild birds use our shores and with many coming into their nesting season locally it is important to keep our dogs a good distance from the wildlife we have on our coast.”

“If you are looking to do something special with your dog on the beaches before they close then check out the London Marathon 2.6 Challenge.”

“You can help raise funds for the animals in our care and to participate, nominate or donate to the London Marathon 2.6 Challenge in aid of the GSPCA just visit this link .”

“Also it is important for horse riders to note Under the Foreshore Riding and Driving Ordinance from 1st May to 30th September inclusive vehicles must not be driven or horses ridden on the island's foreshores between 10:00 and 19:00, unless permission is given by the Police.”

“You can find out more information by visiting this link .”

The States of Guernsey has some further helpful information –

‘Dog owners should always prevent their dog from chasing or disturbing wildlife, especially birds.   Birds are particularly vulnerable during the breeding season, February to July.’

‘If you are a dog owner, pick up after your dog! Please tie the top of the bag. Take the waste home, or put it in a public litter bin.’

‘Please don't leave dog mess in a plastic bag at the side of the path or hanging on trees, hedges or fences. This is still a littering offence.’

‘If you see someone else leaving the mess from their dog on public land, you can ask them to pick it up. If they refuse, you are encouraged to contact Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services or the Police with any details that may help lead to a successful prosecution (e.g. vehicle registration of dog owner/walker, description of dog and owner, etc). All calls will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.’

‘Owners of guide dogs are exempt from the Control of Dogs Ordinance. Please note special arrangements can also be made for dogs registered under the UK registered assistance dogs scheme, particularly for dogs for the hard of hearing. Under this arrangement, owners of registered assistance dogs can apply to the Department for a licence excluding them from most of the provisions of the Ordinance. However, such owners are still legally required to pick up faeces left by their dogs in public places. Please contact Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services for further details.’

For more information on these rules please visit -


In line with States of Guernsey advice please DO NOT visit the GSPCA if you are over 65, have an underlying health condition or have any symptoms of Coronavirus and only visit us if your visit is essential but before doing so please call us on 01481 257261 or email [email protected] before your trip to the GSPCA to see if we can help without you coming to the Shelter. For the latest information and advice please visit

With huge challenges on our resources and a drop in income from boarding and donations please help us help animals in Guernsey with our #GuernseyCoronavirusCrisisAppeal by donating online via -

During these difficult times help us help animals in need. From donating to Sponsoring a Pen, Buying a Brick for the much needed Wildlife Hospital to our Amazon and main page Wish List, holding a mufti day to a sponsored Christmas dip, here are some of the ways you could help give animals joy.

For lots more ideas on how you can support the shelter and the animals in our care then please visit our fundraising page

To see a list of our volunteer induction evenings which we hold each month and for more information please visit or call 257261

To find out more on trips, talks and our education work please email [email protected] or call 01481 257261



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