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Two mornings this week the GSPCA once again welcomed Dementia Friendly Guernsey

Dementia Friendly Guernsey wants to encourage as many people as possible to take a local dementia awareness course and the GSPCA team whith the work that we carry out throughout the community feel that it is extremely important that our staff and volunteers have the opportunity for training and skills to help them with whomever we meet.

On Wednesday morning and today the team had training thanks to Julie Bulpitt from Dementia Friendly Guernsey. Some it was a refresher for others it was there first time was extremely eye opening.

Dementia Friendly Guernsey kindly ran training sessions for the GSPCA back in October 2017, 2019 and once again the staff and volunteers found the talks interesting, valuable and with our work in the community essential in giving them the understanding to help in circumstances where we may encounter those suffering with dementia

The sessions place at the GSPCA with over 25 staff and volunteers taking part with one of Dementia Friendly Guernsey’s volunteer trainers.

The GSPCA help and work with all levels of the community and the training provided by Dementia Friendly Guernsey was extremely beneficial to the team who all listened intently to the advice on how we can support and identify the those living with dementia.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Once again we would like to thank Julie from Dementia Friendly Guernsey for coming in last week to help provide training to the GSPCA staff and volunteers over two sessions to help identify and support those living with dementia.”

“Many of us have family members that suffer with dementia and the talk really helped us all have a greater understanding.”

“Dementia Friendly Guernsey carry out further training to become Dementia Champions of which Tim one of our team has taken part.”

Tim Pellett GSPCA Training and Community Officer said “Dementia Friendly Guernsey carry out these great sessions about dementia and the GSPCA team learned so much and got some great information to help those that can be affected.”

Steve continued “24 hours a day 7 days a week we are working with the public from all walks of life and we all at the GSPCA strive to provide the best service we can and we really appreciate when we can work alongside other charities to exchange knowledge and training to help the Guernsey community.”

“All of the GSPCA team including those that had it as a refresher really enjoyed and appreciated the time Julie took to come and speak to us about those with the challenges that any of us could face.”

“Please do get in touch with Dementia Friendly Guernsey or visit their website for more details.”

"We are always looking for trainers and speakers to come in and talk to the team and anyone interested please do get in touch."

“Even animals can suffer with similar symptoms of dementia and no matter if it’s a beloved pet or a member of family we must all do what we can to support those we love and care for and the community as a whole.”

To find out more or to book your place on a dementia awareness course email: [email protected]

To visit their website please go to

To see training course run by the GSPCA please visit –



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