Two cats urgently in need of a loving new home

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The GSPCA have been asked to help spread the word to help two cats find a very special home.

Here are the details –

Alfie (black) and Indie (grey) are two 7 year old, indoor cats looking for a new home.

Sadly, due to health issues the owner is moving to Perth, Australia and she cannot take them with her as they would not manage the trip and months in quarantine.


GSPCA helps 100s of cats every year hit by cars or killed on the roads of Guernsey

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146 years ago when the GSPCA was first founded road traffic incidents were something that know one would have understood and comprehended but in the fast world we now live sadly here in Guernsey they are all too common place.

In fact just last night another fatality occurred of a young cat which the GSPCA rushed too but sadly it was too late and nothing could be done.

Over recent years the GSPCA have seen anywhere between 150 and 300 cats killed on the roads of Guernsey every year and sadly far many death is very swift often through no fault of the driver.


Happy Sparkle in her new home

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At the GSPCA we love to hear from those animals rehomed from the GSPCA and recently we had an update from Sparkle.

We often help animals from around the Channel Islands and Sparkle came from Sark,

Sparkle went to her new home last month and as you may see from the picture she is very happy.

Her new owners said “We promised to send an update on Sparkle, who we adopted just over two weeks ago.”

“We are pleased to say that she has settled in really well and is purring a lot.”


Rest In Peace Lucy and thank you for your support and kind words

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Last week an appeal went out to help Lucy a cat who needed an operation due to a large growth.

We are saddened to report that after the operation and further investigation an extremely large intestinal lymphoma was found which was inoperable.

The GSPCA would like to thank you to all that supported Lucy and the very kind words.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Lucy was such an amazing cat and we are all devasted that we were unable to help such a loving and sweet cat.”


Please help donate towards Lucy the cats operation for a possible cancerous lump removal

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Lucy a 10 year old long haired tortie has recently been diagnosed with a growing lump in her abdomen.

After a vet check yesterday with Isabelle Vet Ben Howitt it was decided to help save Lucy’s life with an operation which is urgently required to help Lucy who is one of the friendliest cats at the GSPCA.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said “Lucy arrived in the summer and has had a number of ailments treated but in the last week she has become very unwell and yesterday the vet found a large mass in her abdomen.”


Captain Jack after an 18 month stay at the GSPCA loves his new home

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In January 2017 Captain Jack arrived at the GSPCA covered in paint with bald patches and sores.

After cleaning him up we discovered he had very sensitive skin and with a unique character so needed a special home.

After nearly 18 months in our care this Summer we found that forever home and recently got an update on how happy he is.

His new owners said “Here are some photos of Captain Jack, as we know he stayed with you for a long time and you might miss him.”

“Looks like he settled well.”

“He is a really lovely cat!”


Lido’s operation a huge success thanks to all of the donations and his excellent care

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We are pleased to report the Lido the silver long haired main coon went for his life saving operation on Monday and is recovering well despite a much larger growth than expected.

The operation took place at Isabelle Vets who kindly undertook the surgery at a huge discount and thanks to the many amazing donations the £1500 was raised.

The surgery had to be much more extensive than first thought and with much of Lido’s right ear canal missing he is sadly now deaf on one side but without the operation his life was at great risk.


APPEAL - Lido the cat needs an urgent life saving operation to remove a growth from his ear canal

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At the GSPCA we are currently appealing for funds to help Lido a stunning, friendly cat who have a large growth in his ear that needs urgent removal.

The operation is not simple by any means and is estimated to cost between £1500 and £2000 and we are appealing for help.

Lido is almost 2 years old and is a silver Maine Coon which was brought in earlier this summer as the owner could no longer care for him.


Armitage and Mittens doing well in their new home

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Last month we had a lovely update from the new owner of Armitage and Mittens two cats adopted from the GSPCA.

Both cats arrived together back in earlier this year and the team were overjoyed when we found them a new loving home together.

The 3 year old cats are now doing very well and we have had a number of updates from their new owner which we always love to see.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It really warms our hearts at the GSPCA when we get to see pictures and videos of animals we have rehomed in their new homes.”


Senior Kitizens evening a huge success finding older cats new homes at the GSPCA

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Last night the GSPCA and Pet concern held a senior cat re-homing event aimed at senior citizens, but open to all.

PET CONCERN is a charity that enables older people to keep and care for their much-loved cat or to help look after a new cat that has entered their life.

They can help with giving medication, preparing and cleaning litter trays, grooming, feeding, cat food shopping and also providing transport for the owner and cat to the vets.