Donate A Dog Bed Or Heat Pad

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Donate A Kennel ProofGuernsey dogs needing beds at the GSPCA Animal  Shelter Dog Bed For Our Welfare Dogs

At the GSPCA we always need your help.  There are many ways that you can support us and this is yet another.

We have signed up to a website that you can buy a dog bed online for the Animal Shelter.


Thank you to Guernsey Gas Ltd.

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As the New Year came and the Wildlife Unit filling with animals nearly every day, the hot water demand has been at full tilt for cleaning the many cages and feed bowls.

The boilers in this building being over 20 years old decided that they could cope no more and failed in January leaving the staff boiling kettles whilst we tried to figure out what to do.


Please help our animals in this cold weather

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With the cold weather the GSPCA are appealing for help towards electric heat pads for the animals in our care.


We have a variety of species from cats to hedgehogs all in need of items to keep them warm in this cold snap.  Although we have enough to manage at present we are appealing for donations so that we can purchase additional heaters in case we have more sick, injured or abandoned animals brought in this winter and what will no doubt be a busy time when the fledgling season starts.



Visitors enjoyed the tours around the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This weekend we welcomed Islanders to our first of the two planned guided tour events.  The sun was shining and the three tours were received extremely well.

The visitors were walked around the Shelter being shown the facilities and getting close to the 200 resident animals and birds.

The tour started in the newly refurbished wildlife unit and went to each of the Shelters departments meeting staff and volunteers whilst finding out what we do and our plans for the future.


GSPCA Animal Shelter Guided Tours On Sale For This Month - Come See The Many Guernsey Animals & Birds In Our Care

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For only £25 you can purchase a gift certificate that will allow the holder to have a guided tour of the shelter in January as well as a chance to the meet the GSPCA Manager over a hot drink and a cake.

For the first time you will have the chance to see behind the scenes and many of the animals at the shelter.  You will also find out about the GSPCA’s plan for 2012 and about the work we have already done.


Unwanted Christmas Gifts?

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Unwanted Christmas gifts?  

Have you thought of how those unwanted gifts could help the GSPCA or even other charities. 

Did your pets get a bumper amount of toys or treats they don’t like?  If so the Animal Shelter has many animals that would love them to help enrich their day.

Have you thought that those unwanted gifts, toys, clothes that you may not want or need could go on ebay or sold in a local advert and the pennies donated to the GSPCA or other worthy causes in Guernsey.


Polar Bear Christmas Day Swimmers Survive

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On Christmas Day 9 brave souls went to the Havelet bathing pools to take part in the Christmas Day swim with apparently over 200 others.

Those that did the swim were made up of staff and volunteers which were jumping in to raise funds for the Animal Shelter.  Thank you to Steve Byrne, Lorna Prince, John Prince, Joanne Fox, Geoff George, Tony Gallie, Annabelle Janes, Lauren Ellis, and Martin Smith for doing the jump.  Also thank you to all that supported them by the cheers and the sponsorship.


Please Sponsor Our Brave Swimmers

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With only a week to go until this Christmas Day our brave swimmers are wondering what they are doing undertaking a dip in the sea WITHOUT a wet suit!!!  That's right a Polar Bear Swim in the sea on Christmas Day, they must be crazy!!! 


Late Night Shopping Thank You

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The last 3 weeks staff and volunteers have braved the weather to sell GSPCA and pet goods in town and Oatlands during the late night shopping evenings.

Even in pouring rain they stood there from 6-9pm raising funds for the Animal Shelter.  A big thank you must go to them and Bernard who helped raise nearly £1500 all of which will go towards helping animals in Guernsey.

Bernard our mascot gave out hugs and lollys whilst those helping sold everything from GSPCA mugs to cat toys, rabbit stockings to GSPCA teddies, reindeer antlers and flashing noses to chocolate bars.


Late Night Shopping and the GSPCA join in on the fun

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This evening we had a stall at Oatlands Late Night Shopping selling all sorts of GSPCA goods as well as a lovely selection of Reindeer Antlers and Noses.

We would like to thank all that popped by and supported us, as well as the management at Oatlands for inviting us and of course the staff that volunteered and helped out.

All the money raised will go towards the welfare work that the GSPCA does and if you missed us then we will be outside Instep in St Peter Port tomorrow night with lots more goods including a wide selection of pet stocking fillers.