With more hoglets in at the GSPCA here is advice on what to do if you find young hedgehogs

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At the GSPCA we have started to see the another round of Hoglets (baby hedgehogs) being found and rescued in Guernsey.

You normally see Hoglets in May, June or July, when the first litters are generally born, and in August-September, when the second litters are born.

During April and May we had a number of Hoglets rescued and also mothers that gave birth on site, many of which are already back in the wild.

The average size of a litter is four to five, and they appear after about a 4 1/2 week pregnancy.


GSPCA Hedgehog talk a fantastic success and amazing entries to the competitions

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Earlier this year Sarah Ozanne and Lucy Ogier (Animal Care Assistants at the GSPCA) organised a competition to increase awareness of Hedgehogs in Guernsey. 

There were two classes - creating a 'Hedgehog Awareness Poster' and 'Build a Hedgehog House'. 

We were amazed by the response and had some fantastic entries. 


Rose the hedgehog is filmed taking her first steps after months of care - Hedgehog talk at the GSPCA Sunday 29th June

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Do remember Rose the hedgehog?

Rose is one of many hedgehogs that we have had in recently to be injured by gardening equipment.

After a long process of rehabilitation and care since arriving in April Rose is now back to health and fit enough to be released.

Sadly due to her injuries to her head many of her spines haven't grown back, so a lovely home with an enclosed garden was found and Rose left the Shelter last Friday.

When Rose went to her new home we equipped Mr & Mrs Herring with a wildlife camera to see how she got on in her new home.


Take care when out in the garden and look out for our prickly friends - Hedgehog Awareness Week

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Rose is just one of the hedgehogs to arrive at the Shelter after being injured by a garden strimmer.

Every year hedgehogs are injured by gardening equipment such as strimmers, hedge cutters and lawn mowers.

Rose who has been at the Shelter for three weeks is healing well, although is still having treatment.

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant said 'Poor Rose the hedgehog had one of the worst wounds to her head that we have seen this year at the GSPCA.'

'It is really important to check before you start using garden machinery for wildlife such as hedgehogs.'


Hedgehog Competition - Build a Hog House or Design an Awareness Hog Poster - Celebrating Hedgehog Week 5th -12th May

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On Monday starts Hedgehog Week and to kick off the awareness week the GSPCA have launched two competitions for those aged between 4 and 16 years of age.

With 200 to 300 hedgehogs rescued every year at the GSPCA we see all ages with a variety of health problems.

Sarah Ozanne Animal Care Assistant in the Hedgehog Unit said 'With Spring we see hedgehogs awake and starting to give birth.'


Blondie the Hedgehog makes a lucky escape on Bonfires Eve

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Last night Geoff George Animal Collection Officer accepted a very lucky lady who has been named Blondie.

Blondie is an adult, female, Hedgehog and was found just after a Bonfire had been lite last night in the Castel area.

Thankfully the finder acted quickly and rushed the her to the GSPCA and despite some very minor injuries she has done well during her first night at the GSPCA.


Poor Pele got caught out in a football net - Caring for Hedgehogs this Summer

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It is a busy time of year at the GSPCA and Hedgehogs are one of the main species that are having a hard time.

Last night Night Warden Matt Hill-Smith was called out to help rescue a Hedgehog that was caught in a football net.


Nouska back home at the GSPCA after his operation

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After an operation to remove a lump from his throat and an overnight stay Nouska the Husky is back at the Animal Shelter and doing well.

The lump which was found after Nouska was signed over to the Shelter has now been removed and he is on pain relief, antibiotics and a special food to help his recovery.

We have sent the lump away to be diagnosed and will hopefully no longer cause Nouska and more issues.


It's not all just bunny hugging - A Volunteer Evening at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Wednesdy 17th July at 6.30pm

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The GSPCA helps care for and rescue thousands of animals every year and without our wonderful volunteers we really couldn't do it.

From cleaning kennels to fundraising there are dozens of roles for volunteers to help the GSPCA and next Wednesday we have our second Volunteer Welcome and Induction Evening.

With the success of the first last month which drew a crowd of 18 new volunteers to the Shelter the second is planned for 6.30pm on the 17th July.


Thank you to The Best Of Guernsey for the Feature on the GSPCA

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We would like to extend a thank you to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the feature of the GSPCA.

The page is full of information about the Shelter, what we do, our services, events and much more.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We are extremely grateful to the team at The Best Of Guernsey for the wonderful exposure on what is a hugely popular web site in the Bailiwick.'