Please help with the 2013 Hedgehog Survey

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It is believed that hedgehogs are on the decline and a UK hedgehog charity are asking for your help to find out if that is true.

Hedgehog Street are carrying out a hedgehog survey between the 1st February and 31st August.


Charlie a mangey hedgehog now safe at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Already the GSPCA has rescued, rehabilitated and cared for over 100 hedgehogs this year.

Last night Charlie a very poorly hedgehog arrived covered in mange and extremely thin.

We often see mange in hedgehogs in Guernsey but if rescued and brought into the Shelter can easily be treated.  Thankfully Charlie is one of the lucky ones and he is now in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hedgehog Block at the GSPCA where he will undergo a series of treatments to free him from this mite.


Herding Hedgehogs - How many Hedgehogs at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey to start 2013?

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With 73 hedgehogs at the GSPCA Animal Shelter and many more with volunteers and in foster homes the GSPCA are reminding everyone what to do if you find a hedgehog this winter.

Nearly everyday at least one hedgehog is brought into the GSPCA Animal Shelter either sick or injured.

Annabelle Janes Animal Care Assistant said 'We have so many hedgehogs at the moment it feels like we have herds of them.'

'We are seeing more nearly every day.'


Hedgehog haven for the lucky ones, but what do you do if you see a hedgehog at this time of year?

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Last night the GSPCA had a young hedgehog that if had been left to fend for himself he surely wouldn't of made it through the winter.

Hedgehogs would normally be hibernating at this time of year, but due to the mild Autumn and late litters of hoglets many hedgehogs are still awake and many not large enough to sleep through the winter.


Autumn and Winter Hedgehog Advice

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In Guernsey one of our largest land mammals is the hedgehog and this is the time of year which is crucial for them before they go into hibernation. 

For keen gardeners encouraging hedgehogs into your garden can help control the snail and slug population as well as other insect life.

To attract hedgehogs to your garden you can try providing hedgehog homes, both natural man-made such as placing a piece of board against a pile of bricks to form a type of bivouac.  Alternatively if you pop to the Animal Shelter we have a selection on sale which are purpose built.


New soft release pens will help Guernsey wildlife thanks to the Friends of Wildlife

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The GSPCA starts this spring on a good foot after a kind donation from the Friends of Wildlife.

£500 was donated earlier this year and the GSPCA has used the funds to put up two soft release runs for the wildlife that we have in our care.  The outside pens will be used to rehabilitate the many wild animals and birds it has brought in that are found sick or injured around Guernsey.

After they are cared for, healthy and of a good weight the animals are placed in the mesh runs to get use to the elements so it is not a shock when they are finally released.


Hedgehog Help Needed

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Hedgehogs GuernseyWe are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. 

With the dramatic increase in hedgehogs over the past 5 months we are appealing for those interested in helping care and clean the hedgehogs here at the Animal Shelter.  In fact we currently have 64 hedgehogs in our care with another on it's way.


GSPCA Warning To Gardeners - Please check before strimming or hedge trimming for hedgehogs

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This time of year we all venture out in the garden to do the gardening and cut the grass while we enjoy the spring weather.

The GSPCA is urging islanders to take care as we have already had our first hedgehog casualty.


Thank you to Guernsey Gas Ltd.

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As the New Year came and the Wildlife Unit filling with animals nearly every day, the hot water demand has been at full tilt for cleaning the many cages and feed bowls.

The boilers in this building being over 20 years old decided that they could cope no more and failed in January leaving the staff boiling kettles whilst we tried to figure out what to do.


Please help our animals in this cold weather

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With the cold weather the GSPCA are appealing for help towards electric heat pads for the animals in our care.


We have a variety of species from cats to hedgehogs all in need of items to keep them warm in this cold snap.  Although we have enough to manage at present we are appealing for donations so that we can purchase additional heaters in case we have more sick, injured or abandoned animals brought in this winter and what will no doubt be a busy time when the fledgling season starts.