World Animal Day - 4th October 2011

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World Animal Day is celebrated each year on October 4. It started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists. On this day, animal life in all its forms is celebrated, and special events are planned on locations all over the globe. 4 October was originally chosen for World Animal Day because it is the feast day of Francis of Assisi, a nature lover and patron saint of animals and the environment. Share

Charlie the Cormorant and Wildlife Unit Developments

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When the winds pick up and the bad weather sets in we are always ready to receive sick and injured wildlife.  Last night we had Charlie a very tired and weak cormorant brought in.

Charlie was given a warm enclosure, plenty of fish and is rapidly improving.  Quite often the weak and hungry sea birds we have brought in just need feeding and heating which can lead to a very fast recovery.

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard improving our wildlife unit to prepare for the seal pups and other animals that we have over the winter months.

Appeal For Vigilance Due to Large Numbers of Gulls

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Over the last 24 hours we have received an unbelievable 16 gulls all displaying signs of extreme illness and unfortunately 4 we have not been able to save.  The birds have been barely able to stand and are extremely weak.

We have been making enquiries to find out if there could be any reason why such a large number of birds have been found in such a short space of time.