Gary the Gannet caught in fishing line

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Every year the GSPCA rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife from discarded rubbish and litter.  This morning we had an adult Gannet brought in tangled in fishing line. Found by kind States workers in Petit Bot the bird would have certainly died if they hadn’t rescued it.

Currently being freed from its bonds this poor bird was tangled from head to toe. Gary as he’s been named once free will be checked over fed and we will ensure he is tip top before release and we are hopeful for a good recovery.


Thank you to Guernsey Gas Ltd.

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As the New Year came and the Wildlife Unit filling with animals nearly every day, the hot water demand has been at full tilt for cleaning the many cages and feed bowls.

The boilers in this building being over 20 years old decided that they could cope no more and failed in January leaving the staff boiling kettles whilst we tried to figure out what to do.


Did you miss the GSPCA on Countryfile last week? Watch us again on iplayer.

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Last weekend the GSPCA and Guernsey were featured on BBC Countryfile.

If you missed the show you still have 5 weeks left to watch the programme on BBC Iplayer.  To watch it go to

The Shelter staff enjoyed working with the film crew and production team.  The GSPCA were very proud showing them the work we do for Guernsey’s wildlife and facilities we have.


Update on Razy the razorbill

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Razy the razorbill after nearly 2 weeks of rehab is doing really well.  Now up on his feet, his wing on the mend and his waterproof oils coming back we are hoping it won’t be long until he will be able to be sent back into the wild.


Razy the Razorbill on the mend

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Razy the Razorbill is doing well and on the mend. Nearly a week since he arrived he’s getting daily physio on one of our rehabilitation pools and we are hopeful he will be ready for release back to the wild soon.


Razy the Razorbill

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We get all sorts of wildlife in and today we had an injured razorbill.  With the windy, wet and cold weather wild animals and birds often find it difficult to feed and Razy our razorbill is just one of those cases.


On a diet of fish being kept in a thermostatically controlled hospital cage Razy is doing well and we are hopeful will make a full recovery and be able to be released back to the wild very soon.



Wildlife Advice With The Windy Start To 2012

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The start of 2012 has already brought the Animal Shelter a number of sick and injured animals & birds from around the island but with the continuation of the windy weather we are asking everyone to keep a good look out.

The bad weather means it is difficult for hedgehogs and birds to feed normally and the young seal pups can easily be separated from their mothers.


Intensive care units will save lives

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The Animal Shelter is now at the fore front of animal rescue and rehabilitation. 

After two very large donations the GSPCA have been able to purchase 3 small and 5 large intensive care units worth over £3000.


The BIG Gull Release

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We are pleased to report that the first of the 8 gulls we saved have been released back into the wild where they belong.


GSPCA staff were joined by a large group of the press to celebrate their release after 4 weeks of care of the 12 surviving birds.  They were released on the west coast and all quickly took to the air and flew into the horizon as a flock.


Yvonne Chauvel GSPCA animal care assistant said ‘This is what we do the job for’ ‘To help animals and see them returned to the wild makes it all worth while’




Gulls nearly fit for release

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After more than 4 weeks and over 50 gulls affected that we know the first group of gulls will soon be released.  The GSPCA has been very busy with very sick gulls with what we believe has been an outbreak of botchilism.

Over the last 4 weeks we had over 40 reports of gulls that had died or were too weak to make it after being brought in to our care.  But 12 of the gulls, mostly herring but one black backed are nearly complete with their rehabilitation.