TONIGHT - Volunteer Induction 630pm Monday 3rd September at the GSPCA – all welcome

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Tonight at 6.30pm we hold our tenth volunteer induction of 2018 and we have inducted through these alone 118 new volunteers, placements and work experience since the start of the year.

All are welcome to the induction although for those wanting to help onsite at the Shelter the minimum age is 13.

For volunteers under 13 we have a huge amount of events taking place which they can help at with a parent or guardian.


Green fingered Volunteers & Businesses needed at the GSPCA to help with Gardening, Conservation & Grounds

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At the GSPCA we have many lovely areas that need caring for and we are currently appealing for volunteers to help around site.

From cutting the grass to helping care for our ponds, wedding to landscaping, pressure washing to dead heading flowers, planting to hedge cutting, watering to caring for pathes there is always plenty to do at the GSPCA.


Going Wild at the GSPCA - updates on the work at the Animal Shelter thanks to St Andrews Floral Group and others

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St Andrew's Floral Group are delighted that the major phase of their 'Going Wild at the GSPCA' Project is now nearing completion.


Specsavers join St Andrews Floral Group to help Spring the GSPCA into bloom

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Earlier this month a team of staff from Specsavers spent the day helping St Andrews Floral Group volunteers at the GSPCA.

Over the last few years we have received many groups from Specsavers helping at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews from animal care to maintenance.


6 New Volunteers join the GSPCA

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Last Thursday Sarah Ozanne greeted 6 new volunteers that attended the GSPCA Volunteer Induction Evening.

The volunteers all arrived for 6.30pm and were shown to the training room where Sarah spoke to them about the work we carry out at the GSPCA, the volunteering roles and how to help safely at the Shelter and our events.

At the end of the evening Sarah spoke to each of them and found out what they were interested in doing from their Duke of Edinburgh to volunteering and helping with animals in our care.


First new volunteers of 2016 join the team - next induction is on Tuesday the 2nd February

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On Tuesday we held our first volunteer evening of 2016.

We welcomed 6 new volunteers and will see 4 of those starting this weekend.

Without volunteers we really couldn't care for the 300 animals at the Shelter and help thousands more every year.

The GSPCA operates 24 hours 7 days a week and we are fortunate to have over 600 volunteers that help ensure we can help animals around the clock as well as raise the £2000 a day it costs to run the GSPCA.


Last Volunteer Induction of 2015 a lovely evening and well over 1000 helpers assisting the GSPCA in 2015

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Last night the GSPCA welcomed 15 new faces and 11 new volunteers within the group.

For a number of years we have been running volunteer induction evenings and sessions.  In 2014 over 200 volunteers were inducted and welcomed to the team, not including the many volunteers that helped through the year, at events, through Corporate Social Responsibility Days and Voluntourists.  This year a further 200+ joined us at the GSPCA with a further 200+  that spent a day or more through a corporate day and 25 Voluntourists from the cruise liners.


New volunteers join the team at the GSPCA

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On Wednesday we had 14 new faces attend the Shelter for a Volunteer Induction and to find out how they can help.

From school placements to those looking to help out for a few hours each week those attending wanted to help from on the front desk to cleaning the animals out.

The evening started at 6.30pm and GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne not only talked of the work of the Shelter, he also went through an induction so all knew how to work and help safely at the GSPCA.


Volunteer Induction Wednesday 14th October at 6.30pm

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Our next Volunteer Induction Evening at the GSPCA is on Wednesday 14th October at 6.30pm.

All ages are welcome, but to help on site with the animals you have to be 14 years old or over.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal care Assistant said "We have a wonderful team of volunteers that help us at the GSPCA and we always love to welcome those wanting to help."

"From gardening to answering the phone there is a job to help in many different ways on and off the Animal Shelter."


A World Cup Rugby team of new faces wanting to help volunteer at the GSPCA

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Last night we welcomed enough new faces to the GSPCA to set up a rugby team with reserves.

With 20 attending and 12 all signed up with a date to start volunteering at the GSPCA and others to be confirmed we have already started the first three this morning.

The new volunteers during their induction learnt about the work of the Shelter and how to become involved with our 24 hour 7 day a week work.

This morning Phil, Jane and Lili have already experienced cleaning out and caring for the many animals at the Shelter with many others starting over the next few days.