Lloyds Staff helping the GSPCA at the Shelter & West Show

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Yesterday at the GSPCA we welcomed a group of 7 Lloyds Banking Group staff at the Shelter and our stall at the West Show.


Lloyds Banking Group Staff helping make a difference in the community

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Yesterday at the GSPCA we welcomed a group of 7 Lloyds Banking Group staff at the Shelter.


You've heard of 'the kiss of life' this weekend we found out about 'snog a dog'

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On Sunday morning at the GSPCA we met 9 keen dog lovers who were looking to find out more on dog first aid.

We have been holding a series of training courses at the GSPCA and this weekend we trained a further 9 attendees what to do for their canine friends if faced with a first aid situation.

GSPCA Dog First Aid Course July 2015 in Guernsey


New Volunteers & Cat First Aiders Trained at the GSPCA - Dog First Aid this Sunday

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Last Wednesday the GSPCA welcomed 14 new volunteers to the Animal Shelter and on Sunday another 3 keen cat lovers were taught about cat first aid.

Sarah Creasey the Animal Education and Welfare Officer inducted 14 new volunteers who were keen to help in all sorts of ways from fund raising to mucking out.

The evening consisted of introductions, all about the GSPCA, health and safety and the areas that those that attended can help here at the GSPCA.


Medical staff turn their hand to animal care

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TEN members of staff from the Medical Specialist Group gave up a sunny Saturday this weekend to undertake voluntary work at the GSPCA.

The Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a huge variety of duties that need to be completed on a daily basis and so are very grateful when islanders volunteer to give them a hand.

As well as the obvious chores of feeding and exercising animals and cleaning out the kennels and cattery, there are also a number of site-maintenance jobs.


Volunteers Week - Meeting helpful businesses - Lloyds Banking Group Staff helping animals - CSR with animals in Guernsey part 3

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Today is the second day we have a team of volunteers from the Lloyds Banking Group helping out at the Shelter.


Volunteers Week - Meeting helpful businesses - Lloyds staff helping during Volunteers Week - CSR with animals in Guernsey part 2

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Today we are looking at businesses that help animals in Guernsey.


Volunteers Week - Meeting helpful businesses - Thank you to Barclays - CSR with animals in Guernsey part 1

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Yesterday we talked about Hayley Malpas one of many very special volunteers here at the GSPCA Animal Shelter.


Volunteer Induction Evening Wednesday 14th May

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We are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. Volunteers helping raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey

You need to be at least 14 years old to help at the Shelter.  Although if you are younger then you could still help.  If you talk to your parents or guardians they may can help you with fund raising for the Animal Shelter.


Another fantastic Volunteer Induction Evening at the GSPCA

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On Wednesday another 13 new volunteers joined the GSPCA team.

Every 8 weeks or so the GSPCA hold Volunteer Induction evennings and this week we welcomed the newest group to the team.

With well over 340 volunteers helping the Animal Shelter every year and over 60 new helpers since the beginning of the year we are very grateful to all the help and support we receive.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'The volunteer support we receive is just fantastic and means we can do so much.'