It's that Spring time of year - Baby bird advice for Guernsey - please remember often healthy fledglings are best left alone

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With Spring well underway the GSPCA are asking Islanders to please be mindful of the many fledglings popping up around the Bailiwick. 

The GSPCA would like to remind that as a general rule, it is best to leave baby birds alone.

A baby bird has a greater chance of survival in the wild than it has being hand-reared by man as they learn to fend for themselves and how to forage for food by their parents.

Around 2 weeks after hatching young birds in your Bailiwick garden usually leave the nest, just before they learn how to fly.


Update on Bonnie the seal pup - could you donate towards her care

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We are pleased to update that Bonnie the grey seal pup rescued below the cliffs on the south coast of Guernsey last month continues to improve.

Since being rescued at only 14kg in weight she has responded well to treatment and is putting weight on daily enjoying large numbers of fresh fish.

We are hoping in the next few days she will be ready to go out into the pools to start the next stage of her rehabilitation.


2 kestrels rescued in 2 days in Guernsey

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Last week 2 kestrels were rescued in 2 days.

The first bird now named 'Bradshaw' after the finder who is actually one of our Volunteer Wardens was found stunned in the road and is a young adult.  He was found on Friday on Braye Road and after a few days care he is now ready for release which will be done after all the checks have been completed.

The second bird was rescued on Saturday on L'Ancresse and is a much older bird that was found coated in oil.


Bonnie the grey seal pup 4 weeks on

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Nearly 4 weeks ago the GSPCA were called out to rescue an emaciated grey seal pup.

We are pleased to report that Bonnie is doing very well and is putting on weight each and every day.

Her thin body and neck is putting on that much needed fat and she is eating extremely well going through 3-4kg of fresh fish every day.

Still under weight for her age it will be at the very least 6 weeks or so before she is fit, fat and well enough to be put back in the wild.


Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds from the GSPCA

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With cold winter weather soon to be upon us the GSPCA want pet owners to consider all the animals of Guernsey.

During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the low temperatures.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "With Winter on its way, at the GSPCA we want to ensure pets and other animals kept and live outside are safe and have all they need."


Hedwig the short-eared owl heads back to the wild

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On the first day of November the GSPCA received a very unusual rescue bird who had been found in the road in the south west of Guernsey.

An injured young short-eared owl was found in the road and brought into the care of the GSPCA.

Thankfully the bird had only minor injuries and after a few days of cage rest and a check over from the vet she was rung for identification purposes and released today.

Short-eared owls can only be found in certain parts of the UK and there are sightings of a few birds here in Guernsey.


Baby Barn Owl back in the wild

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Back in late July the GSPCA Ambulance Collection Officer Geoff George helped rescue a baby Barn Owl in Castel.

The young bird was severely thin and very close to loosing her life.

Thankfully with the skills of the team at the GSPCA and an intensive care unit the young bird was saved and nursed back to health.

After a period inside she was transferred to an outside aviary where she learnt to fly and forage for food.

As she grew stronger and her weight increased the GSPCA team monitored her progress with a wildlife camera.


Percy Pricklesworth the hedgehog heads back to the wild

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With hundreds of hedgehogs rescued every year it is always lovely to wave them off when they are fully recovered back to the wild.

On the 23rd July a very little hedgehog was found in St Martins thin and a number of health concerns.

After 6 weeks of care and TLC GSPCA Shelter staff contacted the finders who helped rescue and name 'Percy Pricklesworth' to collect him and return him to the wild.


Peter the young kestrel rescued, reared, rung and released

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On the 26th June a very young, starving kestrel was found on a road in St Peters.

With no mother in site and traffic back and forth the bird was rescued and brought to the GSPCA in St Andrews.

He was placed in an intensive care unit and still had much of his down and not fully feathered due to his age.

Day and night he was hand fed by the team at the Shelter until he was fit enough to place in one of our rehabilitation aviaries.

Over the last few weeks he has built his strength and learnt to fly and forage for food.


Spring is in the air - Pumpkin and Parsnip off back to the wild

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As the days get longer and the temperature rises the weather is just right for some of our prickly Winter residents to head back to the wild.

Pumpkin the hedgehog was found by Michelle Johansen near Ville au Roi last November at only 330g which would have meant she wouldn't have survived the Winter.

Parsnip was found early December at only 356g in a similar area by Michelle.

Both hedgehogs have spent the Winter at the GSPCA and with the weather just right and Pumpkin up to 960g and Parsnip at 872g they have both reached more than needed in weight to be released.