Swimmer the Manx Shearwater on the road to recovery to hopefully continue the winter journey to South America soon

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This GSPCA had a call on Saturday to help a bird in need.

Often mistaken for penguins this Manx Shearwater was spotted in St Sampsons harbor in distress.

An ambulance driver was dispatched to the scene and was forced to enter the water to catch this very ill little bird.

The caller thought the poor bird was caught in fish netting but during the rescue it became apparent that the Shearwater was very lethargic and thin.

Ambulance Driver and Animal Care Assistant Eddie Higgins managed to rescue the bird that Shelter staff have named Swimmer.


New soft release pens will help Guernsey wildlife thanks to the Friends of Wildlife

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The GSPCA starts this spring on a good foot after a kind donation from the Friends of Wildlife.

£500 was donated earlier this year and the GSPCA has used the funds to put up two soft release runs for the wildlife that we have in our care.  The outside pens will be used to rehabilitate the many wild animals and birds it has brought in that are found sick or injured around Guernsey.

After they are cared for, healthy and of a good weight the animals are placed in the mesh runs to get use to the elements so it is not a shock when they are finally released.


Lady Ga Ga seen and doing well

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Only a day after her release the lesser black back gull Shelter staff named Lady Ga Ga was seen at Chouet and looking well.  The staff would like to thank Paul Veron for the picture and the update (Lady Ga Ga is the bird on the right).

If you missed Lady Ga Ga's story then read below -



Lesser Black-backed Gull Lady Ga Ga Saved and Released. Read her tale...

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On the 20th April the Shelter had a call to collect a Gull near the Chouet Lanfill site.  ACO Geoff George attended to find the bird covered in some sort of pink building filler.  The poor bird had it all over its body and feathers.  She was in a field near the site with her wing stuck to her body and unable to fly. Geoff managed to catch her and she was brought to the Shelter for some immediate first aid.


Baby bird advice for the Bailiwick this Spring time

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All around the Bailiwick the birds are singing and nesting with the first hatchlings already out and about.

The GSPCA would like to remind that as a general rule, it is best to leave baby birds alone.

A baby bird has a greater chance of survival in the wild than it has being hand-reared by man as they learn to fend for themselves and how to forage for food by their parents.

Around 2 weeks after hatching young birds in your Bailiwick garden usually leave the nest, just before they learn how to fly.


Hedgehog Help Needed

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Hedgehogs GuernseyWe are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. 

With the dramatic increase in hedgehogs over the past 5 months we are appealing for those interested in helping care and clean the hedgehogs here at the Animal Shelter.  In fact we currently have 64 hedgehogs in our care with another on it's way.


Adele the Grebe from Torrey Canyon released back to the wild

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Adele the Grebe from Torrey Canyon released back to the wild GuernseyOn The 21st February a Great Crested Grebe was rescued from the Torrey Canyon after being found covered in oil.


First Ducklings Born Today at the GSPCA in 2012

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Today when one of our Senior Care Assistants went to feed some of the wildlife when she discovered a lovely treat.

One of our female ducks hatched 14 little ducklings and proceeded to take them down onto the pond to see Gert and her friends.

To find out more on our Easter Fayre & Cupcake Competition Saturday 31st March


Adele the oiled Grebe on the road to recovery

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An update on Adele the Grebe that came in covered in oil from Torey Canyon last month.

We are pleased to say she is doing well and the oil has now been removed.  We are caring for her until her water proofing returns before we release her to the wild.  Currently having physio on one of our pools she appears to be enjoying being back on the water.

To find out more details about Cupcake Week 25th - 31st March and raise money to care for birds like Adele


GSPCA Warning To Gardeners - Please check before strimming or hedge trimming for hedgehogs

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This time of year we all venture out in the garden to do the gardening and cut the grass while we enjoy the spring weather.

The GSPCA is urging islanders to take care as we have already had our first hedgehog casualty.