Channel Island NGOs call on Island Governments to help prevent further mass seabird deaths

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In an unprecedented joint letter Channel Island Wildlife and Welfare organisations are calling on politicians representing the environment in the 3 main islands to lobby the UK parliament to help prevent future catastrophic discharges of the chemical polyisobutene (PIB). 


Jethou Bumblebee & Hanois the rescued grey seal pups back in the wild

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Yesterday GSPCA Shelter staff and a volunteer boat crew had a wonderful site.

After months of care and rehabilitation Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois the two grey seal pups that were rescued during the winter around Guernsey were released back into the wild.


Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois the grey seals now healthy and due to be released next week

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With the mild weather settling in and the weight of the two seal pups now at the recommended release level the GSPCA are planning to get Jethou Bumblebee and Hanois back to the wild next week.

Jethou Bumblebee who was rescued from Jethou towards the end of last year and Hanois who was rescued from Pleinmont back in January would have both perished if it had not been for caring public reporting them to the Animal Shelter and the quick response in rescuing them.


Baby bird advice from the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey

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Despite all of the bad weather and snow around the Bailiwick birds are singing and nesting with the first hatchlings already out and about.

The GSPCA would like to remind that as a general rule, it is best to leave baby birds alone.

A baby bird has a greater chance of survival in the wild than it has being hand-reared by man as they learn to fend for themselves and how to forage for food by their parents.

Around 2 weeks after hatching young birds in your Bailiwick garden usually leave the nest, just before they learn how to fly.


Hanois the grey seal pup rescued on Saturday by GSPCA staff

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On Saturday 5th January GSPCA Shelter staff had a call to an injured seal pup at Pleinmont.

Animal Care Assistant Annabelle Janes and Senior Animal Care Assistant Yvonne Chauvel responded to find a thin, injured grey seal pup with laboured breathing.

At only 21kg the pup had to be carried to the van and transported to the Shelter as to have left him would have meant he wouldn't have survived.Hanois the grey seal pup rescue at the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey


Seal Pup Rescue to save Jethou Bumblebee

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With any rough and bad weather the GSPCA receives many calls about sick and injured animals.GSPCA seal rescue from Jethou in Guernsey

Yesterday just after 3pm the GSPCA had a very unusual call from Jethou.  A seal pup had been spotted coming ashore alongside the jetty and didn't seem quite right.


Look who's checking out the Christmas Lottery Tickets on sale at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This Tuesday staff saw a very unusual site.

Geoff George the GSPCA Animal Collection Officer whilst going about his duties watched as a cormorant flew down and landed on the Christmas Lottery Ticket poster at the Shelter.  Is this a sign of good luck?  We don't know but tickets are selling well and are available at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, so if you are passing please pop in.


Autumn and Winter Hedgehog Advice

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In Guernsey one of our largest land mammals is the hedgehog and this is the time of year which is crucial for them before they go into hibernation. 

For keen gardeners encouraging hedgehogs into your garden can help control the snail and slug population as well as other insect life.

To attract hedgehogs to your garden you can try providing hedgehog homes, both natural man-made such as placing a piece of board against a pile of bricks to form a type of bivouac.  Alternatively if you pop to the Animal Shelter we have a selection on sale which are purpose built.


Seal Advice for the Bailiwick with the bad weather from the GSPCA

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Every Autumn the shores of the Bailiwick see Grey Seal pups being born and the GSPCA are issuing advice today on what to do especially with the rough weather that is due.

If anyone see's a pup with or without a mum we really do appreciate a call so that we are aware of its location and condition but here is some advice.

A healthy pup looks like a big, stuffed maggot without a neck. However, a thin pup looks sleek (but not bony) and has a visible neck, like a healthy dog.


A wonderful happy ending for two very lucky birds - Olive and Barrus back in the wild

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We are pleased to announce that this weekend two wonderful birds were released back into the wild.

Olive a young kestrel who was rescued from Torrey Canyon covered in oil has finally got her new feathers through and back to full health after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter so was able to be released back into the wild. 

Shelter staff Yvonne Chauvel and Eddie Higgins had the privilege to release her this weekend and were over joyed to do so.