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Over the weekend we had two oiled guillemots one of which was not the normal black crude oil but rather palm oil which is more often seen in clumps and a danger to dogs eating it when out on a walk.

The continued stormy weather has caused many sick and injured seabirds and at the GSPCA we have helped everything from cormorants to gannets and had many reports of those that have been sadly washed up deceased for various reasons.

To donate to the care of these birds please visit   

Gilbert and Gwynevere were two oiled guillemots that were rescued on the weekend and Gilbert who was found at L’Eree and a tan light coloured oil all over his feathers which is highly likely to be palm oil.

Gwynevere was found oiled at Pontifer from what is likely a crude oil which is often disturbed from the sea bed during rough storms.

Both oils prevent the birds from flying when they get it on their feathers and also means they cannot float or hunt.

Both birds are doing well and yesterday Gilbert was strong enough for a wash which with crude oil is with a fairy liquid but with palm oil we had to use something a little different.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “The recent rough weather has really hit our seabirds and we have had many in thin, tired and like on the weekend even oiled.”

“Gilbert and Gwynevere are both doing well and Gilbert got his first bath yesterday and wasn’t with the normal fairy liquid we use for crude oil.”

“As it was a palm oil type substance we used Utterly Butterly for the first part of the wash.”

Beckie Bailey Animal Care Assistant said “I’ve never washed a bird with Utterly Butterly so it was a new experience for both Yvonne and I.”

“Due to his wash we’ve started calling Gilbert ‘Utterly Butterly’ instead.”

“Many of the sea birds we have do really well being fed Sand Eels but currently we are really struggling to find any and appealing for donations.”

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We really need good quality and ideally fresh Sand Eels for the poorly, sick sea birds in our care like Gwynevere and the newly nick named Utterly Butterly.”

“You can also help by donating to their care by calling us on 01481 257261, at the Shelter or online .”  

“It is still early days for Gwynevere and Utterly Butterly but Beckie, Yvonne and all the team are doing all they can for their care to get them strong enough to be released back to the wild.”

“If you find a sick, injured or oiled animal or bird please call our 24/7 helpline on 01481 257261 and here is a link to a page with helpful information - .”


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