Happily Ever After & Adoption Process over Christmas – Dude settles into his new home

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We love to hear how animals are getting on after being rehomed from the GSPCA.

Dude who was recently rehomed was originally caught as a stray using one of our cat traps.

He was an unneutered male and kept fathering kittens and pestering female cats in the area he was living in and didn’t have anyone caring for him.

Ali Le Huray GSPCA Animal Care Assistant said “Dude came in last year.”

“He was not neutered when he arrived and kept chasing female cats.”


After a year at the GSPCA diabetic cat Pongo finds his forever home

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Many may know Pongo the diabetic cat who arrived at the GSPCA during the first lock down.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Pongo has been at the GSPCA for over a year and might know him as he has been into the studios at BBC Guernsey and also featured in a calendar this year which is on sale across the UK from the ADCH.”

“All of the team think the world of Pongo and although there has been some interest due to the costs of food and treatment many were a little put off giving him a good home.”


A message from Coco the cat loving her new home

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Just before Christmas we rehomed a lovely tortie female cat called Mittens who is now called Coco and is very much enjoying her new home.

Coco recently sent this lovely message -

‘Hello all of you at the GSPCA

I am sending this message to you all to let you know how I am getting on in my new home. I was adopted just two weeks ago.


Happy News – Lock down rehoming Hamish doing well in his new home

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With the current challenges we all need cheering up and what better way than sharing an update on an animal happily adopted from the GSPCA.

Hamish was adopted during lock down and here is an update from his owner -

“Just a few photos to show how Hamish has settled in, he has claimed our bedroom window sill as his early morning lookout post, and has a teddy to cuddle into in his bed next to the radiator in our bedroom.

He sits on the sofa between us in the evening watching tv or just under the sofa. He had a play last night with catnip, and seems very happy.


GSPCA Adoption and Rehoming all moved online and over the phone - PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SHELTER AT THIS TIME

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Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is only operating essential services.  All of our rehoming is now online, telephone and through the post as we are avoiding visitors to the Shelter at all costs in line with advice from the States of Guernsey.

With animals still arriving and being rescued, unwanted, stray and abandoned the GSPCA have to look at ways we can help rehome animals in our care.


Charles the Guinea Pig settles into his loving new home and has a new friend

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Charles arrived at the GSPCA at the end of April as his owner could no longer care for him.

Guinea pigs are thankfully found homes quite quickly from the GSPCA and last Monday Charles found a loving new home.

Lisa Le Poidevin new owner said last week “Charles has settled in quite well.” 

“He seems a bit nervous when it's cuddle time but with some hay or a treat around he relaxes again “

“I'm still just swapping my piggy Toffee's hay with his and they both seem happy enough with the new smells.”


Jessie the cat loving her new home

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Recently a young cat called Katie went to her forever home.

Christina Sauvarin new owner sent a message about Katie and said "We adopted Katie yesterday who we have now called Jessie."

"She has settled in extremely quickly and both Marc and I were delighted that she came for lots of cuddles on day one."

"She is still discovering her new home but has found several cosy spots to chill out."

"We absolutely love Jessie and would like to thank you and the whole team."


Oldest cat to be rehomed by the GSPCA Lucy is loving her new home and sends a special message to the team

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Last year an 18 year old cat called Lucy was brought into the GSPCA as sadly her owner could no longer care for her.

As all rescues will know trying to find the older cat a new home is extremely difficult as most are looking to adopt kittens or young cats.

On Saturday the GSPCA team were overjoyed when after 9 months of care at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews Lucy finally found her forever home and this week we have had an update on how she is getting along....


Adopted kittens Jack and Luli (was Jill) all grown up living in Alderney 4 years on

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We were recently over joyed to get an update on Jack and Luli who was Jill, two cats that were adopted as kittens in the Summer of 2012.

Born at the Shelter from their mother Darwina a stray cat brought to the Shelter in the Spring of 2012 they were adopted and moved to live with Patti Bret in Alderney that Summer.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant and head of the cattery said "We always love to get updates of the cats we have rehomed and hat a wonderful gift at Christmas to see how two of the kittens born at the Shelter are doing 4 years on."


GSPCA have two large and one extremely large tropical fish tank with over 30 fish and all of the set up to find homes for

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Currently the GSPCA are in the care of over 30 tropical fish in established tanks looking for homes.

The three tanks have a variety of species all of which  have lived together for some time and the Shelter would like to find homes for the full set ups as well as the fish as groups in the tanks as not to upset them.

The GSPCA often help a variety of species and although it is rare for our services to be called upon to help tropical fish we always do whatever we can.