A Deluge of Degu's at the GSPCA in Guernsey

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On the 15th June the GSPCA accepted two lovely, healthy, female Degu's that an owner could no longer care for with what we thought were 5 babies

Martha and Mary as they are named are fantastic little characters and the team quickly became very fond of them.

With any new mother Shelter staff and volunteers try to ensure they are not disturbed and kept in a quiet place at first.

After a couple of days staff took a much closer look and were surprised to find much more than 5 but in fact there were 10 babies from one of these lovely female Degu's.


Could you put a poster up of animals needing homes that are at the GSPCA?

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Could you help the GSPCA in helping animals find new homes?

You may already have pets or aren't able to but here is a way that you can help those feathered and furry friends find a new home.

We always have animals looking for new homes and the link below is a link to just a small selection. 

Why not place a poster up at your work or local shop and help spread the word of those animals needing new homes in Guernsey.

To download the posters please


Lamar is the longest stay cat in need of a home at the GSPCA

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We are pleased to report that today Felix our longest stay cat has gone to her new home.

This makes Lamar the longest stay cat as he came in last March.

Lamar is an independent lad and likes his own space.  At only two years old he needs a home where he can do his own thing as he's not keen on cuddles.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'I'm over joyed that we have found Felix a new home but Lamar is now our longest stay cat in need.'

'He is beautiful but does need a home where he can do his own thing.'


National Pet Month and animals needing you in Guernsey

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From the 1st April until the 6th May 2013 it is National Pet Month and at the GSPCA Animal Shelter there are many animals in need of new homes and your help.

How you can help -

Adopt an animal from the Shelter - for more information please go to - http://www.gspca.org.gg/animals


Felix really needs your help after more than a year in search of that forever home at the GSPCA

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Felix arrived at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in October in 2011 and has been at the Shelter for well over a year which makes her the longest stay cat in need of a new home. Many of you will know of Victor a cat who also came in around the same time and we are pleased to say he is off to a new home very soon.

Unfortunately Felix came in as a 3 year old semi-feral and as such was extremely nervous and timid after her bad start in life.


Appeal for the GSPCA Longest Stay Cats Felix and Victor who are in need of a home

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We need your help.

The GSPCA currently has two cats that next month will have been at the Shelter in search of a new home for over a year.

Felix and Victor are two strays that arrived at the Shelter last October as semi-ferals.  Although their behaviour has much improved with the TLC staff and volunteers have given them we are still in search of a very special home for these very independent cats.

The Shelter currently has over 25 cats looking for homes at the Shelter and many more strays and others being treated before they can go up for adoption.


Tears as a happily ever after for a very special cat - read more on Blue

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The GSPCA Donkeys Dizzy and Naomi now in their new home

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This weekend there were many tears at the Shelter as staff and volunteers waved a fond farewell to Dizzy and Naomi our two wonderful donkeys which went to their new loving retirement home.

They came into the Shelter at the end of 2011 as their previous owner could no longer care for them.

Naomi the quieter of the two who enjoys a simple head rub and some gentle fuss and Dizzy who on the other hand was hand reared so was used to human company and likes to be the centre of attention had been real stars at the Shelter.


4 birds fly off to their new home from the GSPCA Animal Shelter

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Prance the turkey who was found just before Christmas as well as Connie and Polly two chickens that were found and brought in as injured strays have today been rehomed.  Also Evy joined them who is a little bantam that was found a a little chick wandering the streets.  She is now a young bird will join a group of her own kind.  Staff waved them off with smiles on their faces.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Care Assistant said 'It's fantastic when we get to see our rescue animals find new homes.' 'That is why we are here and we wish them all the best in their new life.'


Blue is a very special chap and is still in need of a home

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Blue came into the Animal Shelter as an extremely thin stray nearly 3 months ago. 

After doing a number of tests it has become apparent that the poor little fella is hyperthyroid and therefore on treatment for the rest of his life.

The vet has estimated that he is between 9 and 11 years old but it is difficult to say due to his health problems.