5 year old black cat Sooty finds his forever home

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Last week we highlighted the challenges we and other rescues face trying to rehome black cats.

Yesterday 'Sooty' a 5 year old male black cat managed to find a wonderful forever home and staff waved him off with his wonderful new owner.

We have a waiting list for new owners looking for kittens, but often struggle finding the older cats a new home especially if they are black with over half the cats either black or black and white at the GSPCA.

Helen Holems GSPCA staff member said "It was lovely to see Sooty off to his forever home yesterday."


A fluffle of rabbits - 45 rabbits in need of good homes at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are currently seeing the highest numbers of rabbits we have ever had.

In the last month we have rehomed 15 rabbits to loving new homes and we are currently caring for 45 who are available for adoption.


Bumper Bunny Numbers in need of homes at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA we are currently inundated with rabbits looking for good homes and earlier this week we had a total of 42 in need.

Thankfully we have rehomed 6 in the last few days but we are appealing for forever homes for the many remaining bunnies.

Alice, Apple, Berty, Carlton, Celeste, Chance, Charlie, Christopher, Claudia, Eric, Finn, Friday, Honey, Huerbet and many more need your help.

Whether you are looking for a rabbit or can help spread the word of these lovely rabbits it would be hugely appreciated.


Bronx is now named Hugo and appears very happy in his new home

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Another happy forever home for a GSPCA cat.

Almost 2 months ago Bronx a tabby male cat was brought into the GSPCA with no microchip and no owner found.

After his 21 days at the GSPCA in line with the new Animal Welfare Law, an assessment, vet treatment and checks the lovely friendly cat found a new home.

Bronx who is now called 'Hugo' is doing very well and his new owners informed us today with the following words  "We thought you would like to know that Hugo who was Bronx has settled in well to his new home. "


Drum roll...... Mr Chips the diabetic cat finds his forever home

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Staff and volunteers at the GSPCA today have both been over joyed and also had a few tears as we waved Mr Chips the very famous cat at the Shelter off to his new home.

Mr Chips who has been at the Shelter since April last year has experienced many adventures whilst at the Shelter.

On entry he was very unstable with his diabetes which took many months to find the correct dosage of insulin and medicated diet.

Mr Chips has also experienced many school trips and tours meeting hundreds of children and adults who all fell in love with the stunning cat that he is.


BBC Guernsey's JKT finds out why Robbie the horse needs a home

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Today we had the lovely Jenny Kendall-Tobias from BBC Guernsey visit the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

Jenny came up to visit Robbie a horse who is in need of a special home.

Robbie arrived at the Shelter at the end of February as his owner could no longer care for him.

Since then we have had the vet and the farrier check over the 17 hand Dutch Warm Blood to tell us the type of home he will need.


Longest stay cat Madame Mitzi is in need of her forever home

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We are over the moon to report that Tilly and Topsy who up until recently were the longest stay cats at the GSPCA are now in their forever home.

That now means that Mitzi who arrived at the Shelter last April is now the longest stay cat at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

At just over 9 years of age Mitzi needs a home where she can have her own space.


The GSPCA Adoption Procedure at the Animal Shelter

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The GSPCA are always trying to ensure we match up the right animal for the right home.

Animals come into the Shelter for all sorts of reasons and we have to ensure each is suited to a home that can meet its needs.

The GSPCA is a self-supporting Guernsey charity and we depend on the people of the Island for the funding needed to maintain our work for the animal welfare and rescue work that is carried out 24 hours 7 days a week.

The normal adoption procedure is as follows:-


See animals in need - Open Day and Evenings this week at the GSPCA - Pop along for a coffee & check out the goods on sale

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The GSPCA is currently inundated with animals in need of new homes.

With World Animal Day on the 4th October we are giving Islanders a chance to view many of the animals in need by having open days and evenings at the GSPCA Animal Shelter on Tuesday the 1st and Wednesday 2nd October between 11am and 8pm and on Thursday 3rd October between 11am until 4pm.


Pickles the cat who had skin cancer is now in her new home

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The GSPCA team were overjoyed yesterday as Pickles the cat went off to her new home.

After months of care and an operation to remove Pickles ears where the skin cancer was identified the staff and volunteers were able to wave her off to her new home.

At this time of year when the sun is shining the tips of some cats and some dogs ears can be affected by the suns harmful rays.

To find out more and what you can do as well as Pickles story please