Gizmo needs your help - GSPCA Animal Shelter longest stay cat is in need of her forever home

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:05, 12th Jan, 2012 | 0

The GSPCA have cats in to the Shelter nearly every day of the year.  They come in as ferals, strays, unwanted, rescues, new born kittens, road traffic accidents as well as many other reasons.

Many of the cats that are for rehoming often only stay with us for a matter of weeks before they find a new loving owner.

Gizmo came in on the 26th January 2011 and the GSPCA are hoping to find her a home before she becomes the only animal in the Shelter that has been here for what will be over a year.


Christmas Gifts Should Have Meaning & Not Real Feelings

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Every year the GSPCA have to deal with animals after the Christmas period that become discarded or unwanted after being given as gifts on Christmas Day.

With only a few days until Christmas the GSPCA are asking people not to rush out and get a pet for a Christmas present even if its on Santas list.  Instead we ask that the family or household think seriously and if you are looking to bring a new pet into the home then leave it until after the festive period when households return to normal and it is less stressful for a new pet in a new home.


Longest stay dog saved from being sent from Guernsey

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Sherbert our beautiful Husky has at last found the perfect home!

After months of searching Sherbert has finally found a new home with a family that can offer her a wonderful new life.

Thanks to her new owner’s Sherbert has avoided becoming the GSPCA’s longest term dog and a possible trip to an RSPCA Centre in the South of England where it was hoped she would have better luck with her search.