Staff from KPMG spend a day volunteering at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

Submitted by GSPCA on 18:36, 20th Aug, 2012 | 0

Today the GSPCA welcomed 16 volunteers from KPMG who helped in all areas around the Animal Shelter.

The volunteers started from 8.30am in the morning and after a short safety induction were quickly placed with staff around the Shelter to help with their duties and care for the many animals at the GSPCA.


The GSPCA has a helping hand thanks to Situations Recruitment

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Every day the GSPCA rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals and the summer months are certainly the busiest time of year.

This year we have extra help thanks to Situation Recruitment.  Once a month a member of their staff spends a day at the Shelter.  Whilst at the GSPCA they are helping care for the hundreds of animals and birds at the Shelter.

Andrew Partlow popped along for his first day last Friday and within minutes of arriving found himself scrubbing the many bowls down on the hedgehog unit.


Specsavers Volunteer at the GSPCA

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On Friday last week the GSPCA welcomed a team of 11 Specsaver staff who spent the day volunteering at the Shelter.

Suzanne, Sylvia, Gill, Sadie, Emma, Jason, Julie, Polly, Maurice, Melissa and Chris arrived at 9am sporting very nice clean Specsaver t-shirts, but it wasn’t long before they were well worn in.

The team had a quick welcome and induction, then were split into groups to help the animal care departments.


Thank you to the Richmond Group Staff for their huge help cleaning out and helping at the GSPCA

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Today the GSPCA Animal Shelter welcomed 12 volunteers from Richmond Group for the day.

Staff from Richmond spent the day helping in all areas of work that the Shelter carries out from the hedgehogs to guinea pigs, dogs to cats, feeding baby birds to socialising ferrets. 

Not only did the staff help with caring for the animals they also helped with preparing the new outdoor runs that the Shelter has just constructed to acclimatise the wildlife especially the hedgehogs before they are released back into the wild.