Featuring animals needing vet operations & can you donate to their care at the GSPCA – Please help Oopsie the cat

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Oopsie is a black cat that was found as a stray last September found covered in fleas and not in the best condition.

This lovely older cat is certainly in her late teens and requires a number of treatments at the vets.

To donate to her operation and care please go to https://giving.gg/donate/charity/2/Guernsey-Society-for-the-Prevention-of-Cruelty-to-Animals-(GSPCA)


Featuring animals needing vet operations and can you donate to their care at the GSPCA – Willow the rabbit needing a dental

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The GSPCA in recent years has seen more rabbits needing homes than dogs or cats.

Hundreds of rabbits every year come through our doors.

Sadly many of them have issues with their teeth and one of those currently is Willow.

Willow was found as a stray last October and sadly no owner was found.

She had a very poorly eye when she arrived and after investigations she has to have a dental operation.


9 year old Mia raised an amazing £531 for the GSPCA doing a sponsored swim on Christmas and Boxing Day

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Today the GSPCA welcomed Mia Ogier and her parents.

Mia who goes to Brownies and is in Year 4 of Amherst School popped into the GSPCA Animal Shelter with an amazing donation for the many animals in our care.

This was all thanks to an amazing sponsored event which she did over the festive period. On the sponsor forms she wrote –


Captain Birdseye one lucky abandoned goldfish rescued from a hungry gull safe at the GSPCA

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Last week a very large gold fish was rescued from a hungry gull.

The gold fish was rescued near Gibauderie and despite his injuries is doing well at the GSPCA.

Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “We are asked to help all sorts of animals but it is rare we are asked to help a goldfish abandoned in a bucket being attacked by a gull.”

“We have named him Captain Birdseye and despite his injuries he is doing well and if we don’t find his owners in the next 3 weeks we will be looking to find him a home.”


First Volunteer Induction Evening of 2023 this Wednesday at 630pm – New Year New Start

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At the GSPCA we are extremely busy and we are currently looking for new volunteers to join the team as well as recruiting new staff.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We have had an incredibly busy 2022 at the GSPCA and we kick off the New Year with our first Volunteer Induction Evening this Wednesday at 630pm.”

“Volunteers help in all areas of the work of the Shelter and from animal care to gardening, reception to the ambulance, painting to dog training, our charity shop in town to the many events and so much more there really is something for everyone.”


Maria the Sparrow Hawk back in the wild after being scared by fireworks

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Last month on the 5th November a very stressed Sparrow Hawk was found unable to fly near Aladdin’s Cave.

The poorly bird was found when fireworks had been used near by very stressed

The bird was rushed to the GSPCA and after weeks of care on Monday was released back to the wild.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Thankfully animals being injured due to fireworks are rare but last month Maria the Sparrow Hawk was found near Aladdin’s Cave unable to fly after fireworks had been used in the area.”


A very special Happy Birthday to our longest serving team member Yvonne Chauvel

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Yesterday at the GSPCA the team got together for a little surprise for a very special birthday.

As Yvonne Chauvel is off for a couple of days the GSPCA team with cards and goodies surprise Yvonne Chauvel who celebrated a very special birthday.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Yvonne is the longest serving team member at the GSPCA of 27 years and today celebrates a very special birthday, and as she is off yesterday we got together to surprise her.”

“From the team of staff to the committee we surprised Yvonne with cards, flowers, chocolates and many more gifts.”


After being attacked by a crow Oriana the Barn Owl is back in the wild

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On the 14th November a Barn Owl was found being attacked by a crow.

The poorly owl was found being dragged and after being rescued was transported to the GSPCA where she has been for the last month.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We help around 2000 sick and injured birds every year.”

“Last month a Barn Owl was rescued from a crow and brought to the GSPCA.”


Vacancies at the GSPCA – Weekend Maintenance/Ambulance, Hedgehog/Wildlife and Cattery Posts

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At the GSPCA we are extremely busy and we are currently looking for new volunteers to join the team as well as recruiting new staff.

We are currently advertising for additional staff members at the GSPCA and we are looking for the following:


Nominate now for the Petplan and ADCH Animal Charity Awards

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Is there a star who really deserves to have their hard work celebrated? 

The Petplan & ADCH Animal Charity Awards 2023 is an opportunity for you to recognise animal charities, as well as individual team members and volunteers, for the hard work they put in to help give so many animals a brighter future.

Remember nominations are anonymous and each nominee will receive a personalised certificate to proudly display.