Avian Bird Flu Update from Guernsey States Vets due to case in Jersey

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This week this announcement was made in Jersey due to Avian Flu and this week the States of Guernsey Vets issued this statement on the 20th July 2023 -


10pm Fireworks Castle Emplacement as part of the Harbour Carnival

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Every year we hear of firework related incidents involving animals and children. While fireworks may be exciting and pretty to look at and its fun to celebrate many celebrations with a bang, we must put our safety, the safety of our pets and the local wildlife first. 

Tonight as part of the Harbour Carnival at 2200hrs (10pm) at Castle Breakwater in St Peter Port there are firework displays planned so please ensure your animals are safe and prepare for the unusual sounds and sights they might be subjected too.


Summer Guided Tours at the GSPCA start Monday – Limited spaces book now through Eventbrite

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This Monday we welcome back visitors to our first Summer Guided Tour of the GSPCA.

With 20 spaces per tour numbers are limited so book now to guarantee your place.

To book please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gspca-educational-guided-tours-tickets-627157002477

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "This Summer thanks to team member Karen Laneour Guided Tours restart as part of our 150 year celebrations.”


GSPCA 136th AGM in our 150th Year Celebrations & Launch of Kennel & Ferret Build Designs

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Last night the GSPCA had a packed room for our 136th AGM in our 150th year.

John Knight GSPCA President opened the evening with saying "Good evening and thank you for joining us this evening. I would like to remind everyone right at the beginning that this is a very important year for us."

"It is our 150th  anniversary, and also that after difficult years with Covid, this is the first year that most of us have been able to feel that we have put it behind us."


APPEAL – Sark feral Starsky needs an entropion operation

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Every day the GSPCA rush animals to the vets needing vet care and treatment and one very special cat needing an operation is Starsky.

Starsky is a feral cat from Sark who we are hoping to return him to the island where someone can watch over him once he has had a much needed operation.

Starsky has already had blood tests to check he is healthy other than a nasty eye issue requiring an entropion operation which will cost with care around £500.


EXCITING NEW VACANCIES – GSPCA Deputy Manager, Supervisor and other roles

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With over 150 years of helping animals in Guernsey and more animals being helped each year than ever before the GSPCA are looking to add new team members to help ensure our 24/7 work.

The GSPCA has had to grow in recent years to meet the demands on our services and ensure the care and rescue of animals in need.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We are very excited to announce some exciting new opportunities at the GSPCA.”


11 new faces join the GSPCA at the latest Volunteer Induction Evening

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The GSPCA really could do so much without its amazing team of volunteers and supporters which have helped for over 150 years.

Last night the GSPCA held the 5th Volunteer Induction Evening of 2023.

11 new faces joined us for an induction where they were greeted by team member Sarah Harrison and then they got to meet GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne for their induction.


Volunteer Induction Evening 630pm Wednesday 12th July

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The GSPCA really could do so much without its amazing team of volunteers and supporters which have helped for over 150 years.

From the Committee to those that walk dogs, fund raisers to those that help with admin, gardeners to those helping with IT, the companies who send their staff to help to so many others the list goes on and on.

With the GSPCA providing 24/7 we couldn’t do so much without our amazing team.


Huge thanks to the fantastic RBS International team helping out at the GSPCA

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Last month staff from RBS International spent a day volunteering at the GSPCA.

5 RBS International staff arrived at 9am to be greeted by Tim Pellett the GSPCA Training and Community Officer.

They started with a lovely picture at the front of the Animal Shelter before they began a day of helping around site doing a huge amount.

Through the day they learnt about much of our work and met many of the team and finished with a tour of the site to see the many animals and much of our work. 


See the GSPCA on Channel 5 ‘Jersey and Guernsey’ Narrated by Alan Titchmarsh at 8pm Wednesday 5th July 2023

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The GSPCA recently had the pleasure of the team from Daisybeck Studios filming a new series for Channel 5 which tomorrow airs the 4th episode.

The programme called ‘Jersey and Guernsey’ is Narrated by Alan Titchmarsh and is showcasing both islands, island life and this Wednesday 5th July it will feature the GSPCA, some of our team and our work, especially with wildlife.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “It was lovely to host Daisybeck Studios recently at the GSPCA filming for a new series on Channel 5 called ‘Jersey and Guernsey’.”