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GSPCA Needs 2 Sets of Scales

Submitted by GSPCA on 13:44, 29th Oct, 2012 | 0

The GSPCA are always looking to find new and replacing old equipment to help with the many animals at the Shelter.  We currently need 2 additional sets of weighing scales.  One set is needed for the Cattery and the other is for the Wildlife and Small Animal Unit.  It is extremely important that all animals are weighed on entry and during their stay to monitor their condition and health.  If you would like to purchase a set of these scales you can do so via our Amazon Wishlist which can be seen by Share

GSPCA Youtube Account has over 10,000 views

Submitted by GSPCA on 09:56, 29th Oct, 2012 | 0

Nearly a year on since the account was opened the GSPCA Youtube account this morning had our 10,000th view.

With over 160 video clips the GSPCA youtube account has videos from the animals looking for homes to wildlife releases, fund raisers to new arrivals.

The GSPCA use the account to show much of the wonderful work that we do, as well as an educational tool such as the video clip on pet advice during firework periods which can be seen below.  You can also see a video clip of our newest edition at the GSPCA Animal Shelter thanks to some very kind people featured below.


New Dog Shower at the GSPCA Animal Shelter

Submitted by GSPCA on 12:55, 26th Oct, 2012 | 0

The GSPCA would like to announce that we have a new shower for the dogs at the Shelter.

Thanks to a small contribution from the Pedigree Adoption Drive earlier this year and local businesses supporting the Shelter with the supplies, staff at the GSPCA have constructed a lovely new shower where both the dogs in for boarding and those looking for new homes can be pampered and washed.


GSPCA Working to Help Educate Pet Traders and Pet Owners

Submitted by GSPCA on 09:27, 24th Oct, 2012 | 0

The GSPCA is currently planning to approach various Pet Shops throughout the Island to see if working together could better the welfare of the animals sold in Pet Shops and help with general concerns from the public.  The welfare of animals within Pet Shops has always been a concern at the GSPCA and so the opportunity to work along side a responsible Pet Shops is a fantastic opportunity.


Roger a lovely old stray sick cat needs your help

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:17, 10th Oct, 2012 | 0

The GSPCA is asking for your help for this very friendly poorly cat.

Roger came into the Shelter as a very elderly sick stray earlier this month.  When he arrived he had multiple health problems and needed to be rushed to the vets where he was placed on a drip and under intensive care for some time.

The vets are now recommending he has a number of tests and an operation before the Animal Shelter can find him a good home.


A wonderful happy ending for two very lucky birds - Olive and Barrus back in the wild

Submitted by GSPCA on 14:07, 2nd Oct, 2012 | 0

We are pleased to announce that this weekend two wonderful birds were released back into the wild.

Olive a young kestrel who was rescued from Torrey Canyon covered in oil has finally got her new feathers through and back to full health after 12 weeks of rehabilitation at the GSPCA Animal Shelter so was able to be released back into the wild. 

Shelter staff Yvonne Chauvel and Eddie Higgins had the privilege to release her this weekend and were over joyed to do so.


Take care when looking for a pet as you could quickly have a house full - Chinese Hamsters in need of a good home

Submitted by GSPCA on 12:27, 17th Sep, 2012 | 0

A year since the GSPCA had over 40 hamsters the Shelter has recently received another home full.

Fortunately less than quarter the number of last years incident the GSPCA is asking pet owners to take care when choosing small mammals as pets.  Hamsters puberty happens from as young as 4 weeks and with a gestation period of 2 to 3 weeks and a litter size of 1 to 18 babies a home could quickly be overwhelmed.  

GSPCA Warning To Gardeners - Please check before strimming or hedge trimming for hedgehogs

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:31, 16th Mar, 2012 | 0

This time of year we all venture out in the garden to do the gardening and cut the grass while we enjoy the spring weather.

The GSPCA is urging islanders to take care as we have already had our first hedgehog casualty.


Channelonline Film the GSPCA Bunny & Guinea Pig Boom

Submitted by GSPCA on 14:09, 8th Mar, 2012 | 0

Today we had Channelonline from ITV film the many rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats looking for homes

Please tune in to see more or check out

If you can help rehome a bunny, guinea pig or are looking for any kind of pet please call the  Animal Shelter on 01481 257261 or see


To find out about how you, your business or school can help support the Shelter during Cupcake week, 25th - 31st March


Another casualty from discarded fishing hooks

Submitted by GSPCA on 16:09, 24th Feb, 2012 | 0

Only a day after the warning of rubbish and we have yet another injured bird this time a fishing hook injury.  The razorbill which we have named Bill survived last night after coming in and is doing well in one of our intensive care units with the hook removed we are hopeful that the wound will heal.

What you can do to help to help the animals of Guernsey

Protecting pets, farm animals and wildlife from harmful rubbish is straightforward – simply dispose of your waste responsibly