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Another Casualty From Torrey Canyon

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Last night we had yet another casualty from the Torrey Canyon.  We first received the call on Sunday but unable to get to contain the bird until last night the poor Great Crested Grebe has had to endure several nights covered in oil.

Yesterday Animal Collection Officer Geoff George managed to catch Adele as we’ve now named her and she will receive a number of bathes and hopefully some luck to survive before we can look to release her.

These birds are winter visitors to Guernsey and can be found in small numbers around our coast this time of year.


Gary the Gannet caught in fishing line

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Every year the GSPCA rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife from discarded rubbish and litter.  This morning we had an adult Gannet brought in tangled in fishing line. Found by kind States workers in Petit Bot the bird would have certainly died if they hadn’t rescued it.

Currently being freed from its bonds this poor bird was tangled from head to toe. Gary as he’s been named once free will be checked over fed and we will ensure he is tip top before release and we are hopeful for a good recovery.


Donate A Dog Bed Or Heat Pad

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Donate A Kennel ProofGuernsey dogs needing beds at the GSPCA Animal  Shelter Dog Bed For Our Welfare Dogs

At the GSPCA we always need your help.  There are many ways that you can support us and this is yet another.

We have signed up to a website that you can buy a dog bed online for the Animal Shelter.


Happy Birthday GSPCA - 14th February - 139 Years Helping Animal Welfare In Guernsey

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The Society was founded on Valentines Day 1873 but complete records did not commence until 1919.

The first home for stray dogs and cats was at 11 St John Street, St Peter Port. 5/- (five shillings) a week was paid to the tenant for housing the kennels and looking after the animals.


139 years of animal welfare

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On the 14th February 1873 the GSPCA was born.

Next week the GSPCA will be over 139 years old and been helping care for the animals both on land and sea in Guernsey for nearly 6 generations.

On Monday we will be posting a number of pictures as well as a write up on the history of our work and the Shelter.  We will also be including a little of the plans we have for the future. 

So this Valentines Day if you have a quiet night in planned why not read up on the wonderful animal welfare work and love that the GSPCA has given over the years.


Update on Razy the razorbill

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Razy the razorbill after nearly 2 weeks of rehab is doing really well.  Now up on his feet, his wing on the mend and his waterproof oils coming back we are hoping it won’t be long until he will be able to be sent back into the wild.


Please don't forget them

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The GSPCA managed to rehome in excess of 300 hundred animals last year.  Monday to Saturday the GSPCA have visitors looking to adopt animals and 7 days a week we receive dozens of emails and enquires, but mostly for dogs and cats.

Unfortunately it is often forgotten that the Shelter currently has a large number of rabbits, a ferret and mouse all looking for homes, all of which are very friendly.


‘Micro’ or ‘Mini’ Pigs – their suitability as pets.

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 The GSPCA is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of ‘pet’ pigs that are being brought into Guernsey. These so called ‘Micro’ or ‘Mini’ pigs are often advertised as cute little pets that are easy to look after. Sadly however they have very specific welfare needs and as such their suitability as household pets must come into question. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Paris Hilton and Katie Price have all received these animals as presents and they have now become a much desired fashion accessory.


Razy the Razorbill

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We get all sorts of wildlife in and today we had an injured razorbill.  With the windy, wet and cold weather wild animals and birds often find it difficult to feed and Razy our razorbill is just one of those cases.


On a diet of fish being kept in a thermostatically controlled hospital cage Razy is doing well and we are hopeful will make a full recovery and be able to be released back to the wild very soon.



Winter Advice for Guernsey's Animals and Birds

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With winter and cold weather with us and potential snow on the way the GSPCA want pet owners and the public to consider all the animals of Guernsey. During a cold snap the GSPCA are on full alert, ready to deal with a variety of animals affected by the cold weather.

But you can also do your bit to prevent animals suffering over the cold period.

DO you have a pond?