Do you have your Mask for the GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball on Saturday 2nd November? Why not try Balloonees

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With the tables all sold out there is now a waiting list for those wanting to attend the GSPCA Mystery of Masquerade Charity Ball in November.

However if you are looking for a Mask then why not try Balloonees who are supporting our event.


Stray Snake found and rescued at First Tower Lane this morning

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This morning the GSPCA had a call about a stray Snake in the St Peter Port area.

Animal Collection Officer Geoff George before he started his shift had a call to help with a rescue of a Snake.

Geoff made his way to First Tower Lane where he found the Albino Corn Snake.

He quickly secured it and it is now back at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews, Guernsey.

Geoff George said 'The Albino Corn Snake I rescued this morning seems very well and is fine to handle.'


Missing a tortoise?

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Currently the GSPCA have 4 stray tortoise.

Last year we saw a total of nine stray tortoise and this year it looks like even more may be escaping and visiting the GSPCA.

If you have lost your tortoise or any animal please contact the GSPCA to log it with the Shelter on 01481 257261.

If you have lost or found any animal we have a web page full of hints and tips.  To visit it please


Please help us find the owner of this stray tortoise

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The second stray tortoise we have had in at the Shelter is still looking for her owner.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The tortoise was found in the Vale area on the 18th May and is a female Hermans adult.

If you are looking for advice on lost and found animals please click here for details.



Second stray tortoise of 2013 - Have you lost yours?

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In just two weeks we have had two stray tortoise.

Thanks to social media and the support of the local community the first was claimed within minutes of it going on facebook and the stray rabbit we featured also was claimed very quickly.

If you think that this may be your lost tortoise then please call the GSPCA on 257261 or pop into the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

The tortoise was found in the Vale area on Saturday and is a female Hermans adult.


Slygo is doing very well in his new home

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We are pleased to say that Slygo is settling in very well to his home.

To see the story of Slygo please click here.


Slygo doing well



Was your tortoise too quick for you?

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With over 9 stray tortoise handed in to the GSPCA last year and 20 reported lost this is the first of 2013 to be handed into the GSPCA Animal Shelter.

The GSPCA receive all sorts of animals, reptiles and birds as strays and this tortoise is just one of the more unusual that we see.

We are still looking for the owner of the Bearded Dragon that staff have called Sorrento that was found in Collings Road last week and this hard shelled reptile was found in the Torteval area and if you have lost your tortoise then please get in touch.


Have you lost a dragon in Guernsey?

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The GSPCA are currently looking for the owner of a lost dragon, a Bearded Dragon that is!

The Bearded Dradon now fondly called Sorrento by the team at the Shelter was found near Collings Road.

He is currently in a vivarium at the GSPCA and if you have lost yours please get in touch on 01481 257261 or pop into the Shelter in St Andrews.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'We deal with all sorts of stray animals from Slygo the terrier to the more unusual like Sorrento the Bearded Dragon.'


Slygo is settling into his new foster home very nicely

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We are overjoyed to give an update on Slygo the stray terrier that was caught last week.


Join the GSPCA this Friday at the Wayside Cheer Hotel with 2Xtreme to celebrate the safe capture of Slygo the stray terrier

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After months of wandering the south cliffs of Guernsey Slygo the stray terrier was safely caught in the early hours of this morning.

The GSPCA has been working with the authorities and other charities to capture the nervous little dog that has been stray since February this year.

We must start by thanking all of the press and public in their support as without the combined help of everyone involved we wouldn't have been able to catch him.