First Volunteer Recruitment after 18 months at the GSPCA -We need you

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With a hugely busy Animal Shelter and many events the GSPCA is starting recruitment of volunteers after an 18 month break due to the covid pandemic.

We are still taking a cautious approach and at this time asking all those interested to complete a volunteer application form and send it to [email protected]

To download an application form please click here 


HUGE thanks to Insurance Corporation for all their help

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The GSPCA are hugely grateful to the amazing team at Insurance Corporation.

Two groups of their staff gave a day out of the office on the 18th and 25th June.

Tim Pellett GSPCA Community and Training Officer said “Last month we welcomed two groups on staff rom Insurance Corporation.2

“The teams helped with wood staining, painting, planting, gardening and so much more.”

“They are an amazing talented bunch of people and we are hugely thankful to their support and help.”.


Volunteers Week – Meet our newest GSPCA Committee Members

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Since February 1873 the GSPCA has been run by a team of dedicated Committee Members who give up their time to lead the organisation.

We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing and skilled Board and recently the GSPCA having recently reviewed our strategy and future vision which can be seen on our about page -


Volunteers Week – Huge thanks to TISE staff for all their help - find out about CSR and how your company can help the GSPCA

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Over the last 4 Thursdays the GSPCA have had a wonderful group of staff volunteering from The International Stock Exchange (TISE) each morning.

Each of the mornings 4 or 5 staff came along to help out around the GSPCA and especially helping with the Memorial Garden we have here at the Animal Shelter in St Andrews.

Tim Pellett GSPCA Community and Training Officer said “It was great to greet, meet and get the lovely team from TISE helping around the GSPCA over the last 4 weeks.”


Volunteers Week - GSPCA dog training volunteers are ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME!

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As many people know we have been running our amazing dog training classes at the Shelter for over two decades during which time we have been VERY ‘fur’tunate (sorry) to have some wonderful volunteers dedicating their time and expertise to help us promote responsible dog ownership, welfare in dog training and, of course, help owners navigate their way through what can seem a mine field of owning and training a new pooch.


Volunteers Week – Thank you for your incredible support and how to get involved

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The GSPCA really could not do so much without its amazing team of volunteers and supporters.

From the Committee to those that walk dogs, fund raisers to those that help with admin, dog trainers to cattery cleaners, gardeners to those helping with IT, the companies who send their staff to help to so many others the list goes on and on.

The last 18 months has certainly been incredibly difficult and especially so for the GSPCA and providing our 24/7 services with all the bio-security rules in place, and many still as the team still work in many challenging circumstances.


Huge thanks to the amazing Aon volunteers that helping at the GSPCA

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Last Tuesday 4 volunteers from the Aon Insurance Managers (Guernsey) Limited (Aon) spent the day helping at the GSPCA Animal Shelter in Guernsey.

From the GSPCA and all of our team we would like to say a huge thank you to the Aon staff for all of their help.


GSPCA take a cautious approach returning to the new normal – GSPCA Plan for our services and volunteers returning

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The GSPCA carries out a huge range of services for the community and animals in Guernsey.

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in Guernsey the GSPCA has continued 24/7 essential operations and we must thank the community and our team for their understanding and co-operation.

These have without doubt been the most difficult months in living memory for the team from ensuring we continue our vital work to raising the much needed funds which continues to be a real struggle due to the challenging times we find ourselves in.


#GSPCAPurpleWeek Volunteer Induction greets 18 new volunteers

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Earlier this month we held our annual #GSPCAPurpleWeek which this year celebrated 147 years of the GSPCA helping animals in Guernsey.

During our anniversary event we held our second Volunteer Induction of 2020 and greeted 18 new faces keen to help us at the GSPCA.

Tim Pellett GSPCA Training and Community Officer was on hand to greet and meet the new helpers wanting to help in a variety of ways and made them comfortable in one of our training rooms.


Volunteer Induction Evening tonight at 630pm #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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This week we celebrate 147 years of volunteers helping animals in Guernsey with our #GSPCAPurpleWeek and this evening we hold our second volunteer induction evening at 630pm.

This week 147 years ago a group of volunteers came together to create the GSPCA and all these years later we continue to help the animals of the Bailiwick.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “This evening we hold our second volunteer induction of 2020 and it starts at 630pm.”

“All are welcome but to help with the animals on site you must be 13 or over, for those younger they can help at our events.”