After a year at the GSPCA diabetic cat Pongo finds his forever home

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Many may know Pongo the diabetic cat who arrived at the GSPCA during the first lock down.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “Pongo has been at the GSPCA for over a year and might know him as he has been into the studios at BBC Guernsey and also featured in a calendar this year which is on sale across the UK from the ADCH.”

“All of the team think the world of Pongo and although there has been some interest due to the costs of food and treatment many were a little put off giving him a good home.”


WARNING FOR CAT OWNERS - Cat food recalled over potential link to serious illness

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An outbreak of a rare condition that causes severe illness in cats has led to a voluntary recall of multiple brands of cat food

Fold Hill Foods is voluntarily recalling a number of its hypoallergenic cat food products, from brands including Applaws, AVA and Sainsbury’s, over a possible link to an outbreak of a potentially fatal condition, feline pancytopenia.

The original article published below on 16 June 2021 stated that only the Applaws products with the Best Before dates of December 2022 to June 2023 were included in the voluntary recall.


After nearly a year much loved 15 year old Hector is off to his new home

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Last May Hector a lovely black cat arrived at the GSPCA.

Sadly during his year we discovered a variety of health issues from diabetes to other ailments.

This meant many of the team handled this adorable chap twice a day as he required regular medications morning and night with a special diet.

Anna Paint GSPCA Senior Animal Care Assistant said “The Amazing Hector has left the building to go to his forever home.”

“He had lots of kisses, I gave him a kiss from everyone, he walked up the cattery chatting to all the cats, I’m sure he was saying goodbye.”


A message from Coco the cat loving her new home

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Just before Christmas we rehomed a lovely tortie female cat called Mittens who is now called Coco and is very much enjoying her new home.

Coco recently sent this lovely message -

‘Hello all of you at the GSPCA

I am sending this message to you all to let you know how I am getting on in my new home. I was adopted just two weeks ago.


Help us find Pongo a forever home during #GSPCAPurpleWeek

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Pongo is an incredible long haired black and white cat who is diabetic and we really want him to find his forever home.

Pongo arrived during the first lockdown and although we are in lockdown once again you can still complete an adoption form if you are interested in this amazing cat.

To see the adoption procedure and download a cat adoption form please go to


Details of UK Pet Cat Confirmed with Covid-19 and States of Guernsey advice on travelling with cats and other pets

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The first pet cat in the UK has been confirmed to have the Coronavirus this week.  Although this is the first confirmed case of an animal infection with the Coronavirus strain in the UK, there is no evidence to suggest that the animal was involved in transmission of the disease to its owners or that pets or other domestic animals are able to transmit the virus to people. 


Happy News – Lock down rehoming Hamish doing well in his new home

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With the current challenges we all need cheering up and what better way than sharing an update on an animal happily adopted from the GSPCA.

Hamish was adopted during lock down and here is an update from his owner -

“Just a few photos to show how Hamish has settled in, he has claimed our bedroom window sill as his early morning lookout post, and has a teddy to cuddle into in his bed next to the radiator in our bedroom.

He sits on the sofa between us in the evening watching tv or just under the sofa. He had a play last night with catnip, and seems very happy.


Happy News – Priscilla doing well in her new home

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With the current challenges we all need cheering up and what better way than sharing an update on an animal happily adopted from the GSPCA.

Priscilla was adopted at the end of 2019 and just before the lock down we had this update rom her owner -

“She has been with us for nearly four months now and has really settled in. She’s found her favourite spots (on the back of the sofa in the sun or in the bay window being nosey) and we’ve learnt her cheeky habits (her slightly unladylike scavenging makes us to keep a very tidy kitchen).


Animal charities & experts join forces to offer advice to help owners care for animals, dog walkers & animal businesses

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Just over a week ago a coalition concerned about conflicting and poor information which is leaving owners confused and anxious and animals potentially at risk released some helpful advice for pet owners.


GSPCA Adoption and Rehoming all moved online and over the phone - PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE SHELTER AT THIS TIME

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Due to Coronavirus the GSPCA is only operating essential services.  All of our rehoming is now online, telephone and through the post as we are avoiding visitors to the Shelter at all costs in line with advice from the States of Guernsey.

With animals still arriving and being rescued, unwanted, stray and abandoned the GSPCA have to look at ways we can help rehome animals in our care.