22 New Volunteers welcomed at the GSPCA last night

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Last night the GSPCA greeted a packed room of new and willing volunteers.

From 13 years and up there were 15 interested in helping volunteer in aid of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and 7 volunteers keen to help with our Charity Shop, with the animals, admin, reception, cake baking and fund raising.

This was our 11th Volunteer Induction of 2019 and takes the numbers inducted through these events this year to an amazing 133 new volunteers some which help every week and others that help occasionally.


CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS – this weekend we need your help at the GSPCA

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This weekend we are extremely busy at the GSPCA and we are calling any of our amazing volunteers with any time to help.

From helping with our busy ambulance service to walking dogs, our full cattery to our packed rabbit and small animal department, over 100 hedgehogs to over 30 reptiles, gardening to helping on reception.

All trained volunteers need to do is pop in and the team will have plenty for you to do and a huge thanks in advance.


11 New volunteers join the GSPCA

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Last night we held our 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 and greeted 11 new faces keen to help.

The all ladies induction was taken by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne who greeted the group from which the youngest was 12 and turns 13 later this month which is the age to start to help with the animals.

From gardening to caring for the animals each of the ladies were keen to help in a variety of way.

The first of the group start tomorrow morning with the others later on this month.


Could the Volunteer Induction Evening on Monday 12 August 630pm take us to over 100 volunteers inducted this year?

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On Monday we hold 9th Volunteer Induction of 2019 having inducted 87 volunteers through this years events.

We often see 10 or more new volunteers, placements, work experience and individuals looking to help us at the GSPCA and if 13 come along to the next event we will have inducted 100 volunteers through them this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We cannot achieve so much without the incredible volunteers and team we have here at the GSPCA.”

“We love to meet new volunteers and our next induction is at 630pm on Monday 12th August.”


July Volunteer Inductions see 10 new keen helpers join the GSPCA team

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On Thursday evening on the 9th July and Thursday afternoon on the 18th July the GSPCA greeted 10 new volunteers between the two occasions to the team.

The first session was run by GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and the afternoon session by Beckie Bailey GSPCA Animal Care Assistant which had 8 and 2 new volunteers respectively many of which have already started helping out caring for the animals and the work of the GSPCA.


26 staff help from BachmannHR Group Ltd at the GSPCA during #VolunteersWeek

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Earlier this month the GSPCA had 26 staff from BachmannHR Group Ltd give up a day in the office to help out at the Shelter.

The fantastic, massive group helped all around the Shelter in many different ways from gardening to painting, with the animals to cleaning.

The group arrived at 9am and were welcomed by GSPCA Community and Training Officer Tim Pellett who after introductions set them to work.

Tim Pellett said “The staff from BachmannHR Group Ltd were fantastic.”


#VolunteersWeek 11 new faces join the GSPCA

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On Monday we held our sixth volunteer induction evening of 2019 and we were delighted to greet 11 new faces to the GSPCA.

With a wide range of backgrounds and ages the new volunteers were keen to help in various areas and roles with 2 starting work experience placements, 2 Duke of Edinburgh and 7 interested in all sorts of volunteering roles and responsibilities.

GSPCA Animal Care Assistant Beckie Bailey looked after the group greeting them, showing them the video and chatting to each of them setting a start date.


Liberation Day Volunteer Induction greets 3 new volunteers to the GSPCA – next induction Monday 3rd June in #VolunteersWeek

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The GSPCA are delighted to announce the fifth volunteer induction of 2019 was another great success with 3 new volunteers attending taken it to 66 volunteers inducted between the five evenings this year.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We had a fantastic night last week on Liberation Day and inducted 3 new volunteers wanting to help out at the GSPCA."

“That takes the total to 66 new volunteers through the induction evenings so far this year.”


Volunteers and Vans needed for the GSPCA Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday 26th May 2019

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With little over a week to go to the BIGGEST day in the GSPCA calendar we are calling on volunteers and those with lorries, vans or vehicles that can help with transport for our BIG day.

With nearly 100 stalls and much to see and do the GSPCA is buzzing with activity for the 8th Animal Welfare Seafront Sunday taking place on the 26th May and the first of the Guernsey 2019 season.


Second Volunteer Induction of 2019 630pm Monday 4th February all welcome

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With the first volunteer induction of 2019 welcoming 21 new volunteers the second takes place five days ahead of GSPCA Purple Week.

Monday 4th February all are welcome to attend the 2nd volunteer induction evening of 2019 which starts at 630pm

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We had a fantastic first induction night and inducted 21 new volunteers all wanting to help out at the GSPCA."