7 days to listen to an interview on BBC Radio Guernsey about cats and wildlife

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Listen in to BBC Guernsey Jenny Kendall-Tobias talking to GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne and to bird experts Jamie Hooper and Tim Earl about the cat that recently got a rare bird at a nature reserve.


With the Equinox Brings Dangers to our Seal Pups

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It's coming into that time of year and the UK have already been dealing with their first few sick and injured seal pups.  When out and about the GSPCA would like to urge the people of Guernsey and visitors to take care if you see a seal or seal pup as with the autumn weather they can be at risk from the strong currents and bad weather.


Charlie the Cormorant and Wildlife Unit Developments

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When the winds pick up and the bad weather sets in we are always ready to receive sick and injured wildlife.  Last night we had Charlie a very tired and weak cormorant brought in.

Charlie was given a warm enclosure, plenty of fish and is rapidly improving.  Quite often the weak and hungry sea birds we have brought in just need feeding and heating which can lead to a very fast recovery.

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard improving our wildlife unit to prepare for the seal pups and other animals that we have over the winter months.

Harry the baby hoglet

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This evening a baby hedgehog was found all on its own by a kind passer by who discovered it with no mum in sight.  The poor little thing was found wet, cold and hungry and is now in our care. 

Now named Harry, the little hoglet is all tucked up warm with a comfy bed, plenty of food and will remain with us until old and healthy enough to be released.