GSPCA Staff & Volunteer Summer Commendations 2014

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Each quarter staff and volunteers are nominated for certificates of appreciation for their hard work and commitment by one another, our supporters and general public.

For the Summer quarter here are the nominations and the reasons for those nominations –


Terry Buckley – ‘A star and a half in reception. So patient and kind with a good sense of humour. What more could you ask?’

Sue Le Goff – ‘Hard working and makes a good cuppa.’

Sarah Ozanne – ‘She is always happy to help anyone and willing to adapt her work schedule to cover other departments.’


Thank you to the 13 new volunteers that attended last nights induction

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Last night at the GSPCA we held one of our regular induction evenings.

13 new volunteers attended and many with friends and parents to learn all about the GSPCA, how to work safely at the Shelter and to set a date to start volunteering.

Over the next few weeks the group of 13 volunteers are set to start in various roles and the first start this morning.

Many will also be helping at our Animal Castle Day at Castle Cornet this Sunday.

This morning we welcome Joanna Hallas, Chris Le Prevost and Paula Le Maitre starting at the Shelter.


Volunteer Induction Evening Monday 29th September

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We are always looking for volunteers to help at the Shelter in a variety of roles. 

Volunteers helping raise funds for the GSPCA Animal Shelter Guernsey

You need to be at least 14 years old to help at the Shelter.  If you are younger then you could still help.  If you talk to your parents or guardians they may help you with fund raising for the Animal Shelter.


Summer Volunteers helping at the GSPCA

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On Wednesday we held another volunteer induction afternoon and were pleased to welcome a further 8 volunteers to the GSPCA team.

James, Liz, Martin, Jo, Abbie, Zara, Kira and Sarah spent the afternoon finding out about the work of the GSPCA, how to work safely at the GSPCA, all about the fund raising events and other opportunities at the Animal Shelter.

Each of those attending had an area they would like to focus such as ferrets to cats, fund raising to dogs and we would like to thank them for attending and getting involved.


Volunteer Induction afternoon at the GSPCA 2pm Wednesday 30th July

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Tomorrow at 2pm at the GSPCA we have a Volunteer Induction Afternoon.

We have arranged additional inductions to help those off for the summer and looking to help animals in Guernsey get involved at the GSPCA.

To volunteer on site with the animals you must be over 14 years of age, but we are always looking for volunteers to help with fund raising of all ages.

You are welcome to attend the induction if you are under 14 with permission of your parent or guardian.


Volunteer Induction Evening Wednesday 2nd July 6.30pm

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This Wednesday at 6.30pm the GSPCA is holding a Volunteer Induction Evening at the Shelter.

Every 6 to 8 weeks we hold Volunteer Induction Evenings where if you are interested in helping at the GSPCA fund raise, walk dogs, gardening, muck out, on reception or in any role we tell you all about the Shelter, our work, go through an induction in working safely and finish off with a chat about getting you started and setting a date.

On Wednesday Sarah Creasey the GSPCA Education and Welfare Officer will run through the induction which takes around 90 minutes.


Volunteer Week - Talking to the community from the OSA Pop Up Shop & we meet another two great volunteers at the GSPCA

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Today the GSPCA have been at the OSA recruitment Pop Up Shop with a selection of other charities to speak to the community about volunteering.

With the sun shining, the GSPCA would like to thank OSA Recruitment,, Association of Guernsey Charities and the Community Foundation for the chance to join some great causes in St Peter Port to spread the word of helping animals in Guernsey through Volunteers Week.


Volunteers Week - Today Pop down to the Pop Up OSA Recruitment Shop to see the GSPCA about Volunteering with animals in Guernsey

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Today the OSA Pop Up Shop in Smith Street, St Peter Port will be manned by a variety of charities and one of the themes is animals as part of volunteers week.

We will have information on hand and hopefully representatives between 10am and 2pm and also 5pm and 7pm.

If you are interested in helping animals in Guernsey then there are many roles and ways you can get involved with the GSPCA, so please pop down or you can call the Shelter on 01481 257261 for details.


Volunteers Week - Meeting our Night Wardens - Matt & Jen volunteer through the night rescuing animals

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Around the clock volunteers in Guernsey are helping animals whether at the GSPCA or other animal charities.

Every single night of the year a volunteer helps ensure that at the GSPCA we can provide around the clock emergency cover.

The volunteers that make up this fantastic group come from all walks of the community and help ensure every night between 6pm until 8am the next someone can go out to rescue an animal in need.

Matt Hill-Smith and Jen Bradshaw are two of our volunteer wardens and help cover on average two nights a week.


A fantastic fun Dog Show & Summer Fayre, thanks to Property Link, Barclays staff & all that supported

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On Sunday at Fairfields we held our annual Summer Fayre and Dog Show.

With the sun shining the GSPCA would like to than k all involved and that supported what turned out to be a fantastic day.

GSPCA staff and volunteers were aided by a 20+ strong team of Barclays staff and some of their family members with organising and running their days.