New charity shop team appeal for help for a new floor in our onsite GSPCA Charity Shop

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The on-site GSPCA Charity Shop has this month welcomed three new faces who will be helping to run the on site shop to raise much needed funds for the hundreds of animals in our care and the thousands we help each year.

We are currently appealing for a kind company to help put a floor into the shop area which has currently got bare concrete.

We are looking at options of vinyl tiles as we allow dogs to visit the shop and appealing for either a floor company to help or a kind donation to help floor our shop.


Baby boom at the GSPCA - Appeal for intensive care units - GSPCA see a surge in young animals needing Intensive Care Units

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At the GSPCA we are currently working extremely hard behind the scene to care for many baby birds, baby hedgehogs and even have a number of baby ferrets and kittens.

Thankfully the kittens and ferrets have mothers to feed for them but the ducklings, hoglets and fledglings are all filling our intensive care units at such a rate we are having to appeal for help to purchase extra as well as for hand rear milk and meal worms to feed them.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "In the last week or so we have seen a surge in young animals and birds being rescued and needing our care."


Appeal to help improve our wildlife pond - 25 metres of drain pipe or guttering needed & other ways to help

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For the next stage of improving the grounds at the Shelter with the help of St Andrews Floral Group we are concentrating on our wildlife pond which has sadly been dropping each year in level due to a number of issues with its natural lining to hold the water which comes from a natural spring under the GSPCA.

We are continually fund raising to improve this beautiful natural feature on site which benefits much of the wildlife that lives on and around site from birds and ducks to frogs and insects and recently we have received a number of donations to enable us to start this work.


Kit Kats major operation - could you help this very poorly cat

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On the 23rd March of this year a very poorly sweet stray cat was brought into the GSPCA after being found wandering into someones kitchen near Les Genats Estate.

As with all strays under the Guernsey Animal Welfare Ordinance 2012 we held the 7 year old tabby for 21 days but sadly due to no microchiip, tag or lost report we were unable to find the owner of what we found to be a very sick cat.

Kit Kat as he has been fondly named is one of the friendliest cats we have at the GSPCA but sadly has a number of health issues.


Appeal for Lucky a cat who could have cancer

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With over 1000 cats helped at the GSPCA every year we strive to do everything we can for the many strays, cruelly treated and unwanted cats.

At the end of August a 6 year old female cat found her way to the GSPCA when her owner could no longer care for her.

Although in fairly good health on the day she arrived during her assessment we discovered she had cat flu and also had sores on her feet.

After two months of treatments and veterinary care 'Lucky' as she is called improved and got better.


THE BIG MOVE - out with old and in to the new

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Over the past few months the GSPCA team have been preparing and getting use to the new multi purpose animal welfare building.

It has already had a baptism of extraordinary use after 25 Slovakian puppies were isolated in its facilities when they were detained in August.

Over the past few weeks the GSPCA team especially Yvonne Chauvel, Helen Sharman, Anna Paint and Kim Marsh have been preparing sections for the BIG MOVE.


GSPCA’s multi-purpose accommodation opens with help from Sure

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The GSPCA’s latest animal accommodation has been put through a phase of testing and is now open thanks to Sure and other build partners.

Sure’s Community Foundation made a donation of £2600 to the project in order to become a build partner following an application for funds from the GSPCA.

The new building has space for over 100 animals at any one time and the pens are able to be arranged in different formations to cater for different species.


First animals adopted from the New Multi Purpose Animal Welfare Building

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On Thursday last week the first ever animal was officially adopted from the new multi purpose animal welfare building.

We officially received the keys of the new build on the 17th July and since then a number of cats have come to stay in the new build.


First animals visit the GSPCA new multi purpose animal welfare building

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On Saturday the 18th July the first ever animal came to stay in the new multi purpose animal welfare building.

We officially received the keys the day before and since then a number of cats have come to stay.

The first was 'Estra' who was adopted from the GSPCA last year.  Estra had been living in a greenhouse before being brought into the Shelter as a stray.


New Build Handover a lovely afternoon and milestone in the GSPCA history

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On Friday the GSPCA team welcomed our Exclusive Build Partners to the second ceremony of our new multi purpose animal welfare building.

With the finishing touches being completed to the biggest project we have ever undertaken, the GSPCA invited some of our key supporters and Build Partners that are part of our biggest rebuild in our 142 year history.