On Friday we welcome guests & Build Partners for our Exclusive Build Handover Ceremony

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On Friday we welcome our Exclusive Build Partners to the second ceremony of our new multi purpose animal welfare building.

With the finishing touches being completed to the biggest project we have ever undertaken, the GSPCA have invited some of our key supporters and Build Partners that are part of our biggest rebuild in our 142 year history.


Tomorrow we welcome Mrs Lynda Walker, guests & Build Partners for our Exclusive Topping Out Ceremony

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Tomorrow we welcome our Exclusive Build Partners to the first ceremony of our new multi purpose animal welfare building.


Exclusive Topping Out Ceremony with Mrs Lynda Walker - join us as an Exclusive Build Partner & be invited on the 16th April

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On Thursday 16th April we will be inviting our Exclusive Build Partners to the first ceremony of our new multi purpose animal welfare building.


Appeal to help with our broken sewage pump

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At the GSPCA with 200 to 300 animals in our care which do produce rather a lot of waste and we are continually working to improve and maintain our facilities.

Currently we are replacing 5 of our very old buildings with our new multi purpose animal welfare building, but we continue to have to repair and maintain the site where the many animals are kept and the services to them.

On the weekend our sewage pump failed which serves the many buildings on site and we are currently appealing for funds to help us repair this essential service.


URGENT APPEAL - We need a new Commercial Washing Machine - could you or your business help?

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After 10 years our Commercial Washing Machine recently decided it could no longer continue.

We are currently shopping for single phase equipment that could deal with the blankets and towels that come from over 200 animals a day.

The current machine has been working 7am to 7pm 7 days a week for 10 years and we are looking at a machine which could carry out this difficult task.

We have a number of quotes coming in and it is likely that a 20kg machine will cost in the region of £5500.


Appeal to help 3 very special cats at the GSPCA with their operations - Tortoga, Morgan & Popeye need your help

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At the GSPCA we currently have 3 cats in need of support.

You may have heard the story of Popeye the cat.  Sadly Popeye has a very poorly eye that requires additional investigations and an operation.  He came in with a cat called Grayson after their owner sadly passed away.  We would love to rehome them together, but before we can we need to get Popeye fit and well.

Popeye the cat at the GSPCA


Appeal to help Fluke and Barney 2 dogs needing surgery this Christmas

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Fluke and Barney are two dogs at the GSPCA who are not only needing new and loving homes but both require operations.

Fluke a Jack Russell needs an operation on his leg and Barney a Collie Cross needs a lump removed.

We are hoping to get both dogs in for their operations before Christmas and we are appealing for funds towards their care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said 'Barney and Fluke are two lovely dogs and we are appealing to anyone that would like to help towards their operations.'


Robin needs his Batman - Appeal for a cat needing a major operation at the GSPCA

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Robin is a male adult stray cat that came in extremely thin with multiple health problems.

When first found he even smelt as though he had been living out of a bin for some time.

With no owner found, Robin who has a lovely nature is in desperate need for your help and requires major surgery on his head to remove growths from both ears.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said 'Robin is adorable and has been through a lot already and we now need help to get his ears operated on.'


Nouska's check up went well today at the vets

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Today Nouska popped along to the vets for a check up and although we don't have the results of what the lump was yet the vet is pleased with how the operation scar is healing.

Nouska is doing well in himself and we are extremely grateful to everyone that has donated to his appeal.


If you would like to donate to Nouska the Husky's operation and the other animals in need please call 01481 257261, pop into the Shelter in St Andrews or click on the Paypal link below and reference 'Nouska's Appeal'


Nouska back home at the GSPCA after his operation

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After an operation to remove a lump from his throat and an overnight stay Nouska the Husky is back at the Animal Shelter and doing well.

The lump which was found after Nouska was signed over to the Shelter has now been removed and he is on pain relief, antibiotics and a special food to help his recovery.

We have sent the lump away to be diagnosed and will hopefully no longer cause Nouska and more issues.