Take care when looking for a pet as you could quickly have a house full - Chinese Hamsters in need of a good home

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A year since the GSPCA had over 40 hamsters the Shelter has recently received another home full.

Fortunately less than quarter the number of last years incident the GSPCA is asking pet owners to take care when choosing small mammals as pets.  Hamsters puberty happens from as young as 4 weeks and with a gestation period of 2 to 3 weeks and a litter size of 1 to 18 babies a home could quickly be overwhelmed.  

It's sunny and warm but please don't forget your animals

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Deacon the young cat has had his operation and now only has 4 teeth left

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Deacon the young black and white cat who wasn’t very well when he arrived at the Shelter has now had his operation to remove a total of 26 teeth leaving him with only 4 left.

This was due to a medical issue that he had and the medical treatment and care has topped over £1000.  We would like to thank everyone so far that helped donate to this lovely little lad as without kind donations, monthly giving and legacies we wouldn’t be able to care for cats like Deacon.


Please Help This Stunning Cat Called Deacon. He Needs Your Help.

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Deacon is a stunning 7 month old  black and white kitten that has won the hearts of staff and visitors at the Shelter.  

Sadly he has been diagnosed with gingivostomatitis, a quite painful disease of the gums. Unfortunately there are a lot of contributing factors to the condition which means that Deacon will have to undergo lots of veterinary treatment until it can be brought under control.  Sadly if the initial treatments are not effective he may have to have most of his teeth removed all of which is likely to exceed £1000!.


GSPCA warn dog walkers about motor bikes being illegally driven on coastal paths

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The GSPCA are in full support of the warning issued today regarding the law and not riding motor bikes on the cliff paths.

It puts dog walkers, ramblers and animals at risk. 

GSPCA Manager, Steve Byrne said 'It is very concerning to hear that people are not only breaking the law by driving on our coastal paths but they are putting people, animals and themselves at risk.'  'Thankfully we haven't had any accidents with any animals yet but if this continues it is only a matter of time.'


Channelonline Film the GSPCA Bunny & Guinea Pig Boom

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Today we had Channelonline from ITV film the many rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats looking for homes

Please tune in to see more or check out http://www.gspca.org.gg/blog/springing-numbers-guinea-pigs-rabbits

If you can help rehome a bunny, guinea pig or are looking for any kind of pet please call the  Animal Shelter on 01481 257261 or see www.gspca.org.gg/animals


To find out about how you, your business or school can help support the Shelter during Cupcake week, 25th - 31st March


GSPCA Appeal for drivers not to use the road past the Shelter due to Baliff Cross Road closure

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We at the GSPCA wanted to inform everyone that due to the Baliff Cross Road closure we are experiencing issues getting on and off site due to the large numbers of vehicles driving both ways along the road outside the Shelter.  We have enquired about a one way system being put in place but have been told this isn't possible due to a three day notice being required.  We would ask public where possible to avoid this road as this large number of vehicles are causing us issues with responding to emergency rescues.


Donate A Dog Bed Or Heat Pad

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Donate A Kennel ProofGuernsey dogs needing beds at the GSPCA Animal  Shelter Dog Bed For Our Welfare Dogs

At the GSPCA we always need your help.  There are many ways that you can support us and this is yet another.

We have signed up to a website that you can buy a dog bed online for the Animal Shelter.


Thank you to Guernsey Gas Ltd.

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As the New Year came and the Wildlife Unit filling with animals nearly every day, the hot water demand has been at full tilt for cleaning the many cages and feed bowls.

The boilers in this building being over 20 years old decided that they could cope no more and failed in January leaving the staff boiling kettles whilst we tried to figure out what to do.


Please help our animals in this cold weather

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With the cold weather the GSPCA are appealing for help towards electric heat pads for the animals in our care.


We have a variety of species from cats to hedgehogs all in need of items to keep them warm in this cold snap.  Although we have enough to manage at present we are appealing for donations so that we can purchase additional heaters in case we have more sick, injured or abandoned animals brought in this winter and what will no doubt be a busy time when the fledgling season starts.