Please help donate towards Lucy the cats operation for a possible cancerous lump removal

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Lucy a 10 year old long haired tortie has recently been diagnosed with a growing lump in her abdomen.

After a vet check yesterday with Isabelle Vet Ben Howitt it was decided to help save Lucy’s life with an operation which is urgently required to help Lucy who is one of the friendliest cats at the GSPCA.

Anna Paint Senior Animal Care Assistant said “Lucy arrived in the summer and has had a number of ailments treated but in the last week she has become very unwell and yesterday the vet found a large mass in her abdomen.”


GSPCA Launch Buy a Brick for the Proposed New Wildlife Hospital

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If you have visited one of the GSPCA recent events or stalls you may well have learned of the newly launched ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign to help the GSPCA achieve the propose new Wildlife Hospital.

The GSPCA currently treat over 2,000 wild animals and birds each year, this number continues to increase and our existing facilities can’t cope with the increase in demand, and are not fit for purpose.  They desperately need a radical reorganisation and updating.


Lido’s operation a huge success thanks to all of the donations and his excellent care

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We are pleased to report the Lido the silver long haired main coon went for his life saving operation on Monday and is recovering well despite a much larger growth than expected.

The operation took place at Isabelle Vets who kindly undertook the surgery at a huge discount and thanks to the many amazing donations the £1500 was raised.

The surgery had to be much more extensive than first thought and with much of Lido’s right ear canal missing he is sadly now deaf on one side but without the operation his life was at great risk.


URGENT APPEAL – As our 20 year old Commercial Dryer sadly passes can you help us with a new machine at the GSPCA

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At the GSPCA our current Commercial Dryer has sadly, after more than 20 years passed over to laundry heaven as parts are no longer available to maintain the old girl.

For over 2 decades this work horse has tirelessly tumbled for 365 days a year drying 1000’s of dog beds, blankets, towels and sheets to enable the animals in our care to have dry and clean bedding.

We have been shopping around and to replace the machine and fitting will cost £3,500 and the GSPCA are appealing for help.


APPEAL - Lido the cat needs an urgent life saving operation to remove a growth from his ear canal

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At the GSPCA we are currently appealing for funds to help Lido a stunning, friendly cat who have a large growth in his ear that needs urgent removal.

The operation is not simple by any means and is estimated to cost between £1500 and £2000 and we are appealing for help.

Lido is almost 2 years old and is a silver Maine Coon which was brought in earlier this summer as the owner could no longer care for him.


URGENT KENNEL FLOOR APPEAL – Kennel flooring work discovers the need for new drains and completely ripping out sections of floor

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Over the last few weeks much needed work on the kennel floors has taken place, but this has uncovered major drain and structural issues.

Our kennels which were built in 2005 had a vinyl flooring put down which had sadly got to a point recently where new flooring was desperately needed which has been taking place since mid May. 

The first two sections required more work than expected and a few concerns were raised, but the work was undertaken and repairs carried out.


Lucky old Benji gets the first steps into the first refurbished kennels – Please donate to help us spruce up our other kennels

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Today the team refurbishing our kennels returned 7 amazing looking kennels back to the GSPCA to use for our dogs.

In for a home dog Benji took the first steps into the stunning green floored housing area we have for the dogs in our care and he looks very happy in his smart new area.

The cost per kennel is around £1,450.00 and we must say a huge thanks to those that have donated so far and we would really appreciate any support or help to further fund this much needed work that is required due to deteriorating floor.


GSPCA APPEAL - Kennel refurbishments begin – Can you donate to help spruce up the kennels for the dogs in our care

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Today is the first day that work has begun on reflooring and refurbishing 31 of our kennels.

The cost per kennel is around £1,450.00 and we must say a huge thanks to those that have donated so far and we would really appreciate any support or help to further help fund this much needed work that is required due to deteriorating floor.

Every penny is hugely appreciated and to donate online please visit -


Boarding Dogs New Floors need to be fitted 14-27 May so limited availability & could you sponsor a kennel or section

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Between the 14th and 27th May 31 of our kennels are having new floors fitted.

This means there will be some disruption to our normal service and sadly sections of kennels will be out of use so to ensure you have space if needed please do book early.

The cost per kennel is likely to be around £1,450.00 and we appreciate any support or help to this much needed work that is required to take place due to the current deteriorating floor.

By donating £1450 you can help us refloor one of our kennels which will then last for decades. 


GSPCA Towel & Blanket Appeal

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With over 450 animals in our care we are extremely busy at the GSPCA.

At the GSPCA we are appealing for blankets and especially towels to help to provide them bedding, for handling and drying them off.

So if you are clearing out your airing cupboard or sorting through your linen please think of the many animals in our care.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We use hundreds of towels and blankets every day at the GSPCA and our laundry machines are on around the clock."