All we want for Christmas is a Charity Shop

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After a tremendous response to an appeal for bric-a-brac for our Christmas Fayre we held this weekend the GSPCA is now appealing for help to open a Charity Shop for the Animal Shelter.

Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager and two volunteers have been looking at premises around the island to open a shop to raise funds for the Shelter and the welfare work that we do.


Sponsor Our Brave Souls Doing A Christmas Day Polar Bear Swim In Aid Of The GSPCA Animal Shelter

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This Christmas Day Steve Byrne, Lorna Prince and Joanne Fox are going to undertake a dip in the sea WITHOUT a wet suit!!!  That's right a Polar Bear Swim in the sea on Christmas Day, they must be crazy!!!


Are you having a clear out ready for Christmas?

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We are appealing for donations of bric-a-brac, tomdola prizes, raffle prizes and more importantly gifts for the Shelter animals for their Christmas presents.

On Saturday 17th December between 11am and 3.30pm we are holding a small Christmas Fayre at the Animal Shelter.  We need your help to fill the stalls so that we can give the animals in our care a wonderful Christmas through the money it will raise.


Support the Channel Island Christmas Lottery

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The GSPCA is the only all animal welfare organisation on Guernsey and without the support of the caring public thousands of animals each year would suffer.  The GSPCA receives dozens of calls every day and night 365 days a year through our 24 hour phone line.

Recently the phone system that the animal shelter had was getting extremely old and the shelter was concerned that if something wasn't done soon it could fail. 


Cat caught in illegal snare

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Cat caught in illegal snare - GSPCA GuernseyA very traumatised owner had to remove a snare from her pet cat this week.


GSPCA condemns puppy farms and buying animals off of the internet

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The GSPCA has had recent reports of not only individuals that may have received puppies from puppy farms in the UK but also individuals that have been deceived online from websites advertising puppies for sale.

The GSPCA always encourages responsible pet ownership and by purchasing animals on line or from a puppy farm is far from helping animal welfare.


Update on Mr T

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We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the wonderful kind people of Guernsey and even in the UK that have donated and seen the plight and need of Mr T, the cat who is in need of a cancer operation to remove part of his ears and nose.

We would like to inform everyone that after a stroke of luck we have found the owners of Mr T.  They were re-united after much heart ache and were very happy to see one another.  They are taking him to their vets to have him health checked and to continue any treatment needed.


Cancer Cat Mr T needs your help -

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Mr T who has many pet names such as Top Hat and Mr Thomas is a cat that without an operation would most certainly have a much, much shorter life.  Mr T has cancer and needs to have the tips of his ears and part of his nose removed.



Donate to help Mocha who is in need of a big operation

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Mocha is a very old stray cat that today had blood tests to check how healthy he is.  Mocha needs an operation to remove some lumps and also removing his left ear.

Poor Mocha is not at all comfortable and without this operation his health will surely deteriorate.  He has a lovely temperament and the staff all think he is great.  The operation is likely to cost in excess of £400 without the after care to ensure it all heals.